From the Deputies’ Desks

East Hamersley  News

 The start to the 2021 school year has been very clam and seamless, besides the slight hiccup around the first week.  I’d like to thank all the East Hamersley LDC staff for making this happen and for the hard work they have put in so far. I have already met most of our new parents/families at the class parent meetings, unfortunately I was not able to attend the Year 1 meeting but already know most of you. Thank you for committing the time to come to these meeting and I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the year.

As I have walked around our campus the students seem settled and I have been met with many enthusiastic smiles and greetings. We are always trying to encourage our students to greet adults and peers in a friendly manner, to use their names (recipient) and to look directly at the person they are speaking to. It would be very helpful if you could also reinforce this at home.

The teachers have been very busy testing all our new students so that they can plan for their academic success this year. You will all receive your child’s individual learning goals later this term. This will give you a very clear indication of what teachers will be explicitly working on with your child.

A reminder that even though we are co-located at the East Hamersley Primary School, our office is based at Padbury and all phone calls need to be directed to that office on 9407 3050. I can assure you that the office staff at Padbury will contact us very promptly to relay any messages.

Deborah Silverlock

Deputy Principal

Padbury Deputy News

A warm welcome to all new families and returning families this year. Considering it was a disrupted start to the year, the students are settling into class routines smoothly and are happy at school. Staff have been busy helping the children learn the rules and routines of their new class and the playground. We thank parents/caregivers for your support with wearing masks and following the ‘drop and go’ procedure at the start of each school day.

Kindy teachers met with parents for an information session on the first day. The Pre-primary and Year One teachers will be meeting with parents this week (week 3). At this meeting your child’s class teacher will outline the class routines, programs, expectations for the year and staff that are working with your child. The Seesaw app will be the main means of communication between staff and parents this year. Please contact your child’s teacher or the office if you need help in setting up your Seesaw account. It is a great tool for maintaining connections between home and school.

As a school we follow the ‘Crunch & Sip’ program in Pre-primary and Year One. The Crunch & Sip break is a set break (on top of recess) during the school morning to eat a healthy snack, such as fruit or vegetables, and drink water in class. This gives students the chance to re-fuel to improve concentration in the classroom, as well as promoting long term health. Our Kindy classes have shared fruit/snack time just before recess play.

At any time throughout the year, if you have any questions, concerns, or need to speak to the teacher about any aspect of your child’s schooling I encourage you to organise a meeting time with your child’s teacher. We look forward to a great year ahead.

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus