From the Deputies’ Desks

East Hamersley Deputy News

I haven’t as yet congratulated all our Pre-Primary and Year 1 students on their wonderful participation and behaviour at the school sports carnival. It was also fantastic to see so many parents cheering on our children. I had several members of the East Hamersley mainstream staff comment to me on how fantastic the LDC students’ manners were at the carnival. This made me feel extremely proud of all the children and the teachers. Well done!

A reminder that case conferences will be held in the Outreach building ‘C’ block on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th of September for Pre-Primary and the 21st Sept for Kindy parents. Chairs will be placed outside the double doors so that parents have a place to sit before their allocated meeting time. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Year 1 exit interviews will be held towards the end of next term; these meetings are a short 10-15 discussion about the exit letters that go to your child’s mainstream school in term 4.

If your child has come home and told you about a ‘Bank Book’ that I have given them, well this is true. Every time one of the students is sent to me for great work, they receive money stamps in their personal bank book. Through this they are learning how to count in dollars, and we have discussed how to save/spend money. I have a little shop set up in my office and when the students have saved up to $10, they can then choose to either spend it at the shop or save this money for a more expensive item. It is rather exciting for them and I have found out very quickly the savers and the spenders.

Mrs Deborah Silverlock

Deputy Principal – East Hamersley

Padbury Deputy News

Pre-primary and Kindy teachers are currently meeting with parents/carers at case conferences. This is an important opportunity for the teacher to speak with you about your child’s progress and levels of achievement. Please ensure that you attend this meeting at your allocated time. Myself or Mrs Priestley will attend the case conference along with the teacher. We look forward to meeting with you. Please note that the year one case conferences will be next term.

Students had a great time at the Athletics Carnival last week. I would like to commend students on their positive participation in all events at the carnival. Staff are so proud of their efforts. It is disappointing that families could not attend and we thank you for your understanding of this. Check Class Dojo for some photos from the day, if you haven’t done so already.

Students have been enjoying their weekly Edu-Dance lessons and have been participating with enthusiasm. Classes are looking forward to their Edu-Dance performance on Monday 21st September. Please see your child’s teacher if you have any questions about the costume requirements. The concert will be videoed for parents to watch on Dojo.

I would like to remind parents that I am available in the school office if you wish to contact me with any queries or concerns. My work days are Mon-Thurs. I hope all families enjoy the upcoming school holiday break and warmer weather.

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus

Poseidon and Quinns Beach Deputy News

It has been super busy across Quinns and Poseidon this term. Firstly, Book Week happened at Quinns. It was a great week with an artist painting a picture of a scene in Charlotte’s Webb in front of the whole school while the chapter was being read out. Talk about under pressure! We had a book character parade and wow, a great deal of effort was put into the costumes. All the children looked amazing and there were some really creative outfits. All the teachers looked amazing too, none of them can resist a dress up day! Poseidon will be having their Book Week from 21st to 25th September. I am looking forward to that.

Both Quinns and Poseidon had their sports carnivals on the same day this term, and this year I helped out at Poseidon. The weather was perfect, and the children had a lot of fun. The teachers and children practised very hard over the term on all the team games, and I know they all did really well on the day. Several of our children have also been invited to participate in the interschool running races. Well done to those students! I know the day was super busy for the children and I am sure they all slept well that night. I know I did.

I have really enjoyed sitting in on case conferences over the last week, it is wonderful to hear all about how the children are going. Thank you to Sarah Armstead for helping me run these up at Quinns.

Have an enjoyable holiday and I hope you get to see some of our beautiful state. See you next term.

Deputy Principal – Poseidon and Quinns Beach Campuses

Ms Catherine Regan