East Hamersley – Pre Primary Term 4

Pre Primary

Term 4 is in full swing and the students are working extremely hard with achieving their individualised goals. The students have been learning to orally retell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

In week 3 Goldilocks came to our classroom. She made a huge mess and we felt shocked and angry. This opportunity enabled students to use language to discuss their feelings as well as solve problems. Students had to look for clues and make links to who had made the ‘huge mess’. Goldilocks fell asleep in Daddy Bear’s bed because she was too big.

Skylar- “Oh no someone has been in our classroom. It was Goldilocks.”

Blake- “Goldilocks has been a hooligan”

Peter- “I am not happy. Goldilocks has been here but it’s Mrs Nash.”

Zarah- “Goldilocks has been in our room; she is asleep in the wrong bed.”

In Term 4, the Pre Primary and Year 1 students have been working together to learn about digital technologies. The students have been learning to create simple codes using the core language of: left, right, forward and backwards. Students are beginning to create their own code and test these using a variety of devices. Students have the opportunity to discuss and test their codes with each other also to identify problems and solutions.

I would like to take the time to thank the students for a delightful and fulfilling year in Pre Primary.

Mrs Nash – Class Teacher