East Hamersley Campus – Year One

Year 1 have had a fantastic start to the year! We have enjoyed learning with our friends and practising self-managing routines in our classroom under the watchful eye of our class mascot Compy. Our students have learnt how to make excellent Whole Body Listening and Boss of Body choices and to distinguish between the right way and the wrong way of doing our classroom routines.


We have been learning how to skip count and group collections in Maths, and our students have greatly enjoyed the hands on activities in this area. In Science, we have been learning about living and non-living things. Here we are on our Nature Walk, looking for and recording as many living things as we can find!

We have also started using the I Tell It narrative program and icons to help us tell and write about our stories and experiences. The students have been doing a fantastic job in their Spelling and in attempting to transfer these skills into their Writing.

We have also been trying really hard during our EduDance sessions, and are so excited for our end of term performance!

In Year 1, we all look forward to the exciting adventures that the year will bring us!

Miss Minhaj

Class Teacher