East Hamersley Campus – Pre Primary News

Pre Primary at East Hamersley is in full swing for 2020. I am so pleased with how well the children have settled into the class. The students have established strong routines and are ready for learning each day. Compy, our classroom monitoring lizard has been teaching us about “Whole Body Listening”. The students enjoy singing our “Whole Body Listening” song each morning and playing ‘Compy Says’.


The students have been reading and learning about ‘The Three Little Pigs’. During this Literature Based Unit, the children have been Scientists and are looking at different types of materials. We have focused on materials that are strong and not strong. As part of our STEM unit, we planned, explored, discussed, investigated and engineered a house that was strong enough to keep the pigs safe from the wolf. We then put it to the test and reflected on the strength of the house to see if it would protect the pigs.

The students have been participating in EDU Dance as part of the Physical Education curriculum. The children are enjoying learning new dance moves and following simple instructions. The children will perform their dance for parents and caregivers in Week 10.

We are looking forward to a positive and productive year with our Pre Primary class.

Pre Primary East Hamersley team,

Mrs Nash, Mrs Valentino, Mrs Luppnow and Mrs Allen