Deputy News – Padbury Campus

Teachers and speech pathologists have been spending time getting to know your child and completing assessments and observations to determine each student’s current levels in oral language, academic and social areas. This is important as it enables staff to set appropriate individual goals for your child and implement strategies to achieve these goals.

We had a great turn out to the parent workshop ‘What is Language?’ run by our Speech Pathology Team. We encourage you to speak with your child’s class speech pathologist if you have any questions regarding how to support your child’s language at home.

Staff are using Connect to regularly to communicate with parents and keep you updated about the happenings in the classroom. I encourage you to check these notifications. Please note that if you wish to send your child’s teacher a direct message through Connect, you can do so on a desktop computer or using the web browser on your phone but not through the Connect app.

Dates to remember this term are: Friday 13th March – Science Alive incursion for pre-primary classes; Friday 27th March – Wildlife incursion for year one classes; Thursday 2nd April – Easter assembly; Thursday 9th April – ANZAC assembly for year one classes.

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus