From the Deputies Desks

East Hamersley Deputy News

As I said in my last newsletter post all teachers have been very busy testing their students in preparation for setting individual learning goals. These goals will be sent to you in week 9 in a clear display file titled Reporting Folder. If your child was with us last year and you haven’t returned this to school, could you please do so as soon as possible. For all new students a file will be sent home containing your child’s individual learning goals and rubrics. These will give you a very clear indication of what teachers will be explicitly working on with your child. This file is to be returned to school at the beginning of every term so that new documentation can be added to it.

The Kindergarten children have now almost finished their first term of school, I’m sure they will be very tired when they get home at the end of every day. I can see that they have all settled into school extremely well and are starting to develop some confidence and independence with tasks. They have been practising to write their names, this can be tricky, but they are being persistent. It has been a great start to your year.

I was so thrilled yesterday when I had 4 very clever Pre-primary boys visit me in my office to show me their fantastic writing about quokkas. Congratulations to Kotaro, Aiden, Zebadiah and Trent for trying extremely hard to write a sentence describing a quokka. Over the last few weeks, the following very talented Pre-primary students have received an honour certificate from me, Zebadiah, Vandha, Lucas, Ciara, Boady, and Tenishia.

The Year 1 children have also been working extremely hard and I have given out personal honour certificates to Gerrard, Mason, Max and Evander this term. Well done boys for being so mature and persistent with your work. I was listening to some of the Year 1s counting last week and was amazed with their confidence and accuracy. They are all working on writing their numbers correctly and in order. This may be something you can do at home too.

Wishing everyone a relaxing Easter and holiday break and look forward to seeing everyone in Term 2.

Mrs Deborah Silverlock

Deputy Principal – East Hamersley

Padbury Deputy News

Student Goals

I would like to commend staff and students on a productive albeit short Term One. Parents, you should have received your child’s goals this week.  These are goals that your child will work towards for Semester One. For new students, parents have received monitoring grids in all oral language and academic areas. Kindergarten teachers will meet with parents to discuss student levels.  Pre-primary and Year 1 parents are welcome to make a meeting time with your child’s teacher if you have any questions about the goals, or would like feedback about your child’s progress.

School Events

It was wonderful to see lots of orange on Harmony Day. The activities in class celebrated our cultural diversity and the values of participation and inclusivity. It was also fabulous to see the participation of students at our recent incursions – the Pre-primary Science incursion and the Year 1 Wildlife incursion. The behaviour and engagement of all students is to be commended.

Before/After School Procedures at the Padbury Campus

A reminder that drop off time at the Padbury campus is between 8:30-8:50am. Lessons start promptly at 8:55am. Pick up time is 3:00pm, unless you need to pick up children from other schools (in that case pick up is 2:40pm onwards). If you need to pick your child up earlier than 2:40pm please collect an early release slip from the office. Due to current COVID-19 cleaning requirements, the school playgrounds are not to be used before and after school. Thank you for your support.


It is great to see on Seesaw all the wonderful things happening in classes. I would like to remind parents to check Seesaw for updates from staff about the learning happening in class. Seesaw can also be used to message the teacher, however please be aware that teachers may not be able to respond during the school day or on evenings/weekends.





Check out the lovely Australian animals, that the Year 1s met at the West Oz Wildlife incursion last week!


This Thursday 1 April is a free dress day for students (Easter theme). Please send in a gold coin donation for the Padbury Primary School P&C Association. The Easter raffle is being held on Thursday, with proceeds going to the P&C. A huge thank you to families who donated a prize for this raffle.

I wish all families have a safe and relaxing Easter break.

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus