Deputies’ News – Term 2 Week 6

Padbury Deputy News

Tuesday 7th June is a student free day for children at the WCLDC.  Staff will engage in professional learning at our School Development Day. It will be an informative day learning valuable strategies to support student learning, particularly in the areas of oral language and in Mathematics.

It is that time of year when many illnesses (as well as COVID) are going around.  If your child is unwell, please keep them at home until they are better.  If your child develops symptoms at school, we will call parents/carers. Of course, if your child is well then, we encourage them to attend school each and every day.

From time to time, we have relief staff taking classes, to cover staff who are unwell and cover teachers for student assessments and reporting. Relief teachers follow the programs and routines of the class teachers to ensure consistency and continuity for the students.

Year 1 parents will be receiving information soon about upcoming Year 1 parent workshops. In Term 3, weekly parent workshops will be run over a number of weeks by our speech pathologists. The topic is Developmental Language Disorder. We hope many parents can attend.

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus

Quinns Beach Deputy News

It has been a very busy term so far, and I can’t believe how quickly the weeks seem to be flying by. I would like to take a moment to thank all of our families for being understanding during this time. Our students continue to work hard, and we have tried our best to keep consistency within the classroom while their teachers have been ill. Just a reminder that as the cold and flu season is upon us, if your child is showing any signs of sickness, please keep them home.

Our classes have been working hard with deepening their understanding of our Narrative stories. They have been working on retelling them to their teachers. The Pre-primary students have been learning all about ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and had an incursion from the Swan Valley Cuddly Farm. This was a joint incursion with Quinns Beach Primary School, and our students loved being able to see the real-life animals, after many weeks of learning to visualise them.

In Year One, the focus has been on ‘Possum Magic’, with the students enjoying being chefs for the day, and learning how to make vegemite sandwiches. The students have begun a focus on their Geography unit which includes the weather and seasons, they have been practising being a meteorologist for the day and learning all about the Noongar Seasons. Luckily the weather has provided us with some great examples of storms.

Kindy continues to work on household furniture, with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have a strong focus on oral language and the routines of school. The students are really settling well into school life, with a greater amount of independence.

As we move into the cooler mornings with warmer days, we ask that you make sure that your child’s jumpers are labelled clearly, and that they have them in their bags at the end of the day.

Sarah Armstead

Deputy Principal