Classroom News- Week 6 Term 3

East Hamersley Campus Pre Primary

Pre Primary students are showing greater independence and confidence when walking in at the beginning of the day. I have seen a greater improvement with their morning attention and focus to learning tasks.

In week 3 our students celebrated and learnt about “Let’s celebrate our children” which celebrates Indigenous children and allowing them to share stories about their culture. The children participated in Indigenous dancing, dot painting, nature walks, traditional games and read the story “Finding our Heart”.

It is National Science week and our Pre Primary students have been busy helping gardener John with weeding. We applied for a grant to receive 60 plants from the City of Stirling and the plants are arriving this week. Pre Primary students will plant and care for our native plants.






In week 5 we had a visitor into our classroom as part of our Science unit- Earth and Space science. Frankie Nash came into our classroom and children were able to pat and feed Frankie treats. We talked about dogs needs and how to care for a dog.






A reminder our school faction carnival is on 28th August.

Mrs Nash & Mrs Luppnow, Mrs Valentino and Mrs Allen

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre Primary A

This term in science we have been learning about how weather changes daily and each season. We change how we dress and change our activities depending on the weather. We enjoyed the Science Alive incursion where we learned about the Earth and Space Science, the weather, we made a cloud in a jar and even launched rockets.






We conducted science experiments to test materials for a raincoat to wear in rainy weather. We tested to see if they were waterproof and talked about what made certain materials better to wear when the weather is rainy.






In our Travel Agency JAR [Joint Action Routine], we planned holidays for hot or cold places and packed suitable luggage for the weather in that place.






In our Camping JAR, we travelled locally. It is winter, so the weather is cold. We role played dressing in warm clothing, making a fire, toasting marshmallows, making breakfast and warm drinks to help us keep warm.






The weather can also affect animals in different ways. Some animals migrate or hibernate when the weather changes. Some animals need people to care for them. So our Vet JAR has been a great way for our class to help take care of pets in different weather. We role played with money, check up on our pets, groom them, adopt pets who need a home and use lots of language while we play.






It has been very motivating for our class to learn about the weather in a hands-on, meaningful way.

Miss Nguyen & Mrs Giltrow, Mrs Valentino and Mrs Holmes

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Poseidon Campus – Pre Primary A

It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through Term 3! As seems to be the case every term, things have been very busy in PPA at Poseidon.

In early August, we celebrated National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day and the children had a wonderful day experiencing Aboriginal art, stories and songs. This concluded with a drawing of Uluru using pastel crayons – our budding artists did a fabulous job!

We celebrated National Science Week in week 5, by participating in a morning of Science activities with our Pre-primary friends in PPB and both Year One classes. Great fun and lots of learning took place with various activities and experiments experienced by all!

To add to the activities of this term, we have been participating in sports carnival practises twice a week, with the major focus being on team games demonstrating our running and ball skills. The culmination of our efforts will be on display at the faction athletics carnival later this term.

Our days continue to be filled with lots of learning in the areas of English and Mathematics, with our ongoing focus on oral language development. We have had a close look at “weather” this term, both in Science and our narrative sessions – our current wintry weather has prompted many good discussions in class!

We look forward to a happy and fun remainder of the term.

Ms Foster

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Pre Primary A

We have been learning all about using when and where words in our sentences. When we read stories sometimes it is tricky to know where and when so we had to use our magnifying glasses to help us to look for clues.  We have also been learning about actions, we had so much fun acting out different actions such as; sleeping, dancing and reading and using action words in our sentences.



We were very lucky to listen to Thomas Mayor read his book “Finding Our Heart” on National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Children’s Day (4th August). We celebrated by creating beautiful pictures of Uluru.

On Wednesday 25th August we had a wonderful time participating in the book week parade. Everyone looked fabulous in their costumes.


Miss Ash, Mrs Young, Miss Chaplyn and the PP team.