Classroom News – Week 3 Term 4

East Hamersley Campus Year 1

Our class narrative this term is What The Ladybird Heard. We have enjoyed studying the text, thinking of plans to save the fine prize cow from being stolen, and learning how to draw maps and record directions for the thieves and animals using our iPads.






We have been working hard to reread our work to check that we are spelling our words correctly. We have also been looking at features of different texts so that we are able to tell the difference between an informative, imaginative, and persuasive text.

Last week, we participated in the Book Week Costume Parade. Our kids all worked so hard on their costumes and looked fantastic!







We also had a very welcome visitor, Joy, Ms. Harshal’s dog who came in to our class last week to help us use describing words.

We look forward to a great term!

 Miss Minhaj

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Year 1 C and C

Year 1 B and C have had a busy start to our final term. We had an athletic specialist visit us from Little Athletics Club who challenged us to move our bodies in different, fun ways such as mini hurdles, skipping, running, kangaroo jumps and relays. Check out the Little Athletic Club website for more information on their programs.






 We are looking forward to Naidoc Day incursion where we will work with a local Ballardong Noongar Artist to explore the Noongar seasons further and help to create an artwork. On Thursday 26th November we will be travelling to Scitech to re-enforce our learning about light and sound that we are studying in term 4.

We are working hard to learn some new stories which we are excited to present to you later in the term, keep your eye on Dojo for more dates.


Mrs Vladich and Mrs Liebold

Class Teacher



Poseidon Campus – Year 1B

Year 1B at Poseidon have enjoyed having our teaching visitors – Miss Donaldson and Miss Lincoln – in our class. We hope they have enjoyed practicing being teachers with us.

On Friday 16th October we celebrated DLD Awareness Day by wearing a sticker, or purple or yellow. We always enjoy a dress-up day in our class.





In the “I Do It!” Park we have been learning about resilience and confidence. Do you like our fish? They remind us from the story “You Be You!” that we each have something special and unique about us to celebrate. What makes you special? Knowing what makes you unique and important helps you to ‘bounce back’ and feel confident.


We are confidently looking forward to being the stars of the assembly with Mrs Rowlett’s children from Year 1A in a couple of weeks. We will put some photos on the website then for you to see.

Mrs Vawser

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Year 1 B and C

This term the children have been reading “What the Ladybird Heard.” We have been doing lots of fun activities related to the book. We have loved acting it out and pretending to be all the characters in the story. Some of us have also spent time building the farm using blocks, Lego and magnetic tiles. Our writing skills are improving every day and we are enjoying writing about the story.






We have been lucky to have two pre-service teachers in each of our classes for the last two weeks. They have been working with us in small groups, reading us exciting stories and planning some fun art activities.

This term we have also been learning about our senses, seeing light and hearing sound. We are looking forward to our excursion to SciTech Discovery Centre later in the term to consolidate our learning in this area.


Mrs Knight and Mrs O’Callaghan

Class Teacher