Classroom News – Pre Primary A Classes – Week 6 Term 1

East Hamersley Campus Pre Primary News

Pre Primary at our East Hamersley campus is in full swing for 2021. I am so pleased how well the children have settled into their Pre Primary classroom. The students have established strong routines and are ready for learning each day. The students are establishing friendships and are ‘greeting’ each other.

Compy, our classroom monitoring lizard has been teaching us about ‘Whole Body Listening’. The students enjoy singing our Whole Body Listening song each morning. We are learning to acknowledge the country our school is on, and children are enjoying learning “Wanjoo” which means “welcome”.

The students have been learning about “what is a scientist?” and have been exploring materials in Chemical Science. The students have learnt some core vocabulary including hard, soft, rough, bendy and strong.

As part of our writing program the students are building their core strength and fine motor skills which are essential to becoming confident writers.

We are working hard to achieve Compy ticks and making ‘The Right Choice’. Mrs Silverlock visits our classroom on a Friday with special Compy awards for students who are making positive choices.



We are looking forward to a positive and productive year with our Pre Primary class.








Pre Primary East Hamersley team,

Mrs Nash, Mrs Acott, Mrs Valentino and Mrs Nolan.

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre Primary A

We have had a wonderful start to the year in our class. Every morning we start with different fine motor activities to warm up our hand muscles and get them ready for learning. We had fun playing in the home-corner with our ‘Getting ready for school’ Joint Action Routine (JAR). It helped us settle into starting school. We had fun pretending to be mums, dad and kids, waking up, brushing our teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, packing our bags and driving to school.






We created a class project by painting Compy our school friend who helps us to learn skills and monitor our comprehension. We also followed instructions to make Billy the Koala, another school friend who will help us learn social skills this year.






In synthetic phonics we are learning our letter sounds and we are using this knowledge to help with reading, spelling and writing. In Maths we have been working on counting skills, patterning and ordinal numbers. In Science, we have been learning about materials and what they are made of. We have done simple experiments to test materials to see if they are flexible, strong, waterproof and comfortable. We will then build pet homes with recycled materials and we’re looking forward to the ‘Science Alive’ incursion coming up soon.










The new clothes shop home-corner has been very popular too. This will link into our science unit as we learn about the different types of clothes and how they suit different activities. In Harmony week we will look at traditional clothing from around the world as well.


We are looking forward to a lovely year together.

Miss Nguyen, Mrs Luppnow, Mrs Holmes & Mrs Valentino

Class Teachers, Education Assistant and Speech Pathologist


Poseidon Campus – Pre Primary B

We have had a busy start to the year! The children in PPB have been engaging in lots of different activities through the week and making new friends.

So far we have been focussing on classroom rules and learning all about ‘Whole Body Listening’ to promote active listening. The children can tell you how they listen with their eyes, ears, mouths, hands, legs and brain! We are learning to move safely around the classroom and playground by being the ‘boss’ of our bodies and mouths. They are also learning to pack away the toys in the classroom and outside in the playground after playing with them.

In our narrative lessons, we have been learning about characters and settings, so that we can become great story tellers and this term we have learned to say the rhyme of Incy Wincy Spider, using actions and a story map to help us.

In Science we have been learning about our five senses, and our focus will soon move to materials that are used in the world around us and how we can describe them.

In Maths our focus has been on recognising small collections of objects at a glance, without counting them, and counting objects to 10.

Wednesdays with Miss Claydon are also very busy! The children are learning about Measurement in Maths and enjoy choosing a book each week at the library. During Sport the children are developing their fundamental movement skills through lots of different games.

We are all looking forward to a happy and fun remainder of the term.






Mrs Foster

Class Teacher