Classroom News – Kindy – Term 1 Week 9

East Hamersley Campus Kindy News

Kiya everyone!

At East Hamersley Kindy we have been learning to greet our friends appropriately. Did you know we can also say hello in Noongar – “Kiya.” Each morning we do an acknowledgement of country as part of our mat session. We have also been learning all about colours. When we learnt about yellow, black and red we used our fine motor skills to collage an Aboriginal flag. We think they look awesome.


Mrs McInnes

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Kindy A

Kindy A has made a great start to the year! We have been very busy learning how to keep Humpty Dumpty safe when he falls off a wall – we used eggs (with mixed results).






We have also become experts in making jelly.

“It tastes strange.” Daniel

“I don’t like it.” Raymond

“I like it. Tastes yummy.” Cillian

“It’s yummy. It tastes purple.” Riley

“I love it!” Ethan


We have also been learning about clothing- labelling items and talking about what they are like. Mrs Dyer has been helping us.


Mrs Williams

Class Teacher



Poseidon Campus – Kindy B

It has been a very busy first term for Kindy B. We have been learning to be boss of our bodies through ‘whole body listening’ during mat and activity times and how to navigate through our group rotations. We have having been learning new vocabulary through our themes of people and clothing and using Colourful Semantics and semantic icons to scaffold and support our expressive language to create longer sentences.

We have been creating story maps to help us retell nursery rhymes, e.g., Humpty Dumpty and Incy Wincy Spider. We have been changing the characters in the nursery rhymes by using the names of our friends in class and conducted an experiment to see how we could save Humpty Dumpty from breaking.









For cooking we have been making jelly, this has tied in with our ‘colour of the week.  After making jelly as a class, we sequenced pictures of the procedure and expressively retold the procedure to our teachers.



We have been loving walking to the school library to discover and borrow new story books as well as enjoy listening to our teachers read us a story.


Mrs Livingston and Mrs Gastelaars

Class Teacher and Education Assistant



Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy A and B

In Kindy we have been learning all about CLOTHES!  We sorted into groups – things that are clothes or NOT clothes, to develop our understanding of the clothes category. We also labelled the names of different clothes and talked about which part of our body we wear them on. We practised talking about some of the colours we have learnt in Kindy too, to describe the colours of the clothes.

Kindy A














Kindy B














Quinns Beach Kindy Team – Mrs Porter and Mrs de Visser

Class Teachers