Classroom News – Kindy classes- Week 9 Term 1

Padbury Campus – Kindy A

Kindy A has been working hard, we have learnt new routines, made new friends and learnt how to participate at school. We have learnt to listen with our whole bodies and to move around being the Boss of our Body. We have been learning about the right way and wrong way to do things like lining up and playing with friends. We explored a story about Elephants wearing pants and worked on our skills to retell this story. We also explored the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. We investigated different materials to create a helmet for Humpty. We then tested these helmets to see if we kept Humpty safe. We have been learning to break words into syllables, read numbers, count one thing at a time and hear chunks of words. We have had a very busy start to Kindy and the kids are doing amazing learning.






Mrs Weall

Class Teacher



Padbury Campus – Kindy B

In Kindy B at Padbury, we have been working on using prepositions. During our session with Miss Lenzo, we threw beanbags to land on different pictures and label “where” Compy is using the words in, on and under. We were able to practise using these words in our play scenarios such as building a wall for Humpty to sit on, and placing animals in, on and under in our small world trays. The Easter Bunny factory has been an exciting addition to the home corner and has provided opportunities for turn taking and using appropriate language in play. We also used the Easter Bunny’s eggs to practise counting and subitising during our maths sessions.







Mrs Murphy, Miss Lenzo and Mrs Dooley.

Class Teacher, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy B

Kindy have been practicing handwriting patterns. When all the patterns have been covered, we will use them to form the letters in our names. Outside on the walls and pavers, we used buckets of water with large paintbrushes and chalk. Inside we put paper on easels and used our fingers and brushes to make the patterns. In the photos, you can see us using shaving foam and special finger crayons. We had so much fun!






Mrs de Visser

Class Teacher