Class News – Year One – Week 3 Term 3

East Hamersley Campus Year One News

We have been busy tending our garden this term, spacing out the carrots and watching our potato plants grow taller. We can’t wait until harvest time!

To celebrate our 100 days at school learning together our class had a dress up day on 4th August. We did Math and English activities based around what we have learned or got much better at since we have been in year one- see the brainstorm photo of ideas the children generated before we wrote. This term we will be looking back into the past and comparing life from long ago to our present time across schooling, transport, homes, families and more. If you have any old or interesting objects that you would like to share with the children, please let me know and we will add them to our display.


Mrs Vladich

Class Teacher



Padbury Campus – Year One A

Year 1A has had a great start to Term 3! We have started Edu-Dance to practice for our end of term show and we are counting down the days until we celebrate our 100 days at school! Our ‘theme’ this term is history and learning all about the past and how things have changed, young and old, and memories. We have learned some interesting new vocabulary words to go along with this and we designed our own old people and then wrote some ‘super sentences’ using joining words ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’, which we have been learning to do this term to expand our sentences. For example, ‘the man is old because he is nearly 100’; ‘the man is old so he has grey hair’; ‘the man is old but he still goes on roller coasters’! In the next few weeks we will be learning more about how school, family life and toys were different in the past and now.

In Maths, we have been playing lots of ‘swapping’ games in maths to create a good base for place value knowledge. We have learned games such as ‘spaceman’ and ‘feed the fish’ where we kept rolling until we got 10 ones blocks to swap for a tens block and then 10 tens blocks to swap for a hundreds block. It also helps us practice our skip counting in twos and tens. We are also building numbers with place value and identifying a pattern that decade numbers all end in a /T/ sound. This helps students to avoid reversing numbers such as saying 23 and 32, because they can look at the decade number first and say twenTY-three.

We have also linked our Maths to real world experience by watching some of the Olympic races and learning all about ordinal numbers. We noticed a pattern after first, second, third, that you say the number e.g. 4 the add a ‘th’ sound on the end e.g. 5th, 6th, 10th, 17th, 20th etc. Students thought it was hilarious when Mrs. W whacked a thong against the bored to remind students to say the ‘th’ on the end of the number when talking about the position in a race or in ordering or date of something. We are applying all of these concepts to numbers to 100 and achieving our learning goals in the process!

Mrs Whittington

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Year One B

We have been learning the theme of ‘families’ as part of our HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) learning area. Family vocabulary words have been used through a variety of stories, news telling and lessons. Students have brought in a family photograph and talked about the structure of their family. We are learning that there are many different family structures and all are equal and valued. Students drew their families and described what a family was. We have made a class display of families (and we are still working on this). Our next step will be to look at family roles and how they have changed over time!





The other exciting activity that has just started this term is our Edu-Dance. Students are moving and grooving and using their listening skills to participate. We cannot wait to show our moves at the end of this term.




We have welcomed Mrs Wendy Cook into our classroom as a regular volunteer helper on Fridays. She is listening to reading and generally helping out where needed. The students have had the ideal opportunity to hear stories from the past from Mrs Cook.

Ms Bartlett

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Year One C

When children learn to count, they like to touch, point to, and move objects as they say the number aloud.

This term we have had lots of fun during our Maths lessons. In our class, we have used different objects to count. We have started counting at different places (counting in the middle of the set rather than the beginning). It develops the idea that counting objects can begin with any object in a set, and the total will still be the same. We have been playing counting games and singing counting songs. I have noticed that students are now counting everything in class and the playground.

Mrs Liebold

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Year One A

Term 3 in Year 1 has arrived, and the students have settled back into routines well. We have learnt a lot of skills and are all keen to learn even more this term.

On Friday the 30th of July, we celebrated ‘100 days at school’. Since the beginning of the year, we have been using manipulatives such as base ten blocks to help us count to 100, adding to our collection each day we are at school. The students came to school dressed up as 100-year olds or were covered in 100 collections of items. The students then participated in Literacy and Mathematics activities that were all related to the number 100. We read and wrote 100 words, and even counted back from 100. We created a group plan to build a tower with 100 plastic cups and even made a snack bag full of 10 lots of 10 different food items that made 100. It was such a great day and I am so proud of the students’ efforts and progress that they have made in their 100 days at school in Year 1. We look forward to continuing to track how many days we are at school for the entire year.






In English this term, we have been learning different spellings for different sounds i.e. /ar/, /oa/, /oo/, /ie/. The students have been reading and writing words with the taught sounds. We have been learning all about pronouns – using he/she/his/her/him in the correct sentence. The students have been focussing on editing skills by re-reading their work to make sure it makes sense and including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. It has been pleasing to see the students engaging in our literacy tasks and showing a willingness to learn.

In Mathematics, the Year 1 students are continuing to focus on their number skills. We have been learning about addition and subtraction; and linking our explanation on ‘how we know’ to demonstrate our working out. The students have also been enjoying learning all about money and the differences between each coin, and their value.

In History this term, we are learning about the ‘Past, Present and Future’. The students have been focussing on the meanings of these words and will apply their understanding when we compare the past and present later in the term. We are currently working hard to unpack our narrative ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’ by Mem Fox. We are linking our understanding of memories to the past and are very busy practicing our class story map with new interesting vocabulary.

Mrs Rowlett

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Year One A and B

The Year 1s have had a busy start to Term 3. We have started learning about what history means and sharing some of our own memories. The children have created their own family tree and shared these with their classmates. In class, we are describing and comparing forms of communication, transport, toys, daily life, schooling and clothing.






We are growing potatoes, linked to our narrative ‘Potato People’. We planted the potatoes at the end of last term and have been watching them grow! We have used our knowledge from our Biological Sciences unit and made sure they have shelter, sunlight, water and general care.






We are so excited for our sports carnival coming up in Week 7! We have been practicing running, start relay, pass ball, under over, tunnel ball, flag race and tug of war.

With our Constable Care incursion coming up in Week 5 and all the other amazing learning opportunities planned, we are in for a busy and fun term!

Mrs O’Callaghan and Ms Kennedy

Class Teachers