Class News – Term 4 Week 9 – Kindergarten News

East Hamersley Campus Kindergarten News

This term in Kindy at East Hamersley, we have had a wonderful term with lots of fun themes. We have been learning about leisure activities so we set up our home corner was set up like a camp site. It was so much fun playing fishing, cooking on a campfire and sleeping in a tent. We have also been practising our writing patterns on the big screen and on mini chalk boards in preparation for becoming big Pre-primary children next year. Finally, we have been very clever at partitioning numbers and making numbers in lots of different ways. Our brains are full, and we are ready for Pre-primary in 2022!






On Tuesday we joined the East Hamersley Primary School for a fun afternoon “Colour Run,” the water sprays cooled us down on a very hot day.














Mrs McInnes

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Kindy A

As part of our discussions on transport, the students in Kindy A were invited to bring their bikes or scooters to school for the day. First, we looked at the history of a bike and looked at how bikes were different a long time ago. Then, we explored road safety and the importance of wearing a helmet and following road signs. At the end of the day, we safely walked our wheels to McDonald park. We described the road signs on the bike track before having a picnic together to celebrate the end of term.






Mrs Mayberry

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Kindy B

Wednesday was a very exciting day in Kindy B as all the students were invited to bring their “wheels” to school!

In the morning, we described and drew our wheels. Each student compared their bike or scooter to a friend and identified similarities and differences (for example, “My bike is green but Connors is blue” and “My bike has two wheels and James’ scooter has two wheels”).

During maths, we counted how many students had scooters and how many had bikes; then we sorted our wheels into colours. We spoke about road safety and the importance of wearing our helmets, and then we carefully walked our wheels to the park before we had a ride. The Kindies needed some reminding to follow the arrows of the bike track, stay on the right side of the path and stop when there was a person in front of us. We managed to avoid any major collisions!






Ms Murphy

Class Teacher




Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy A and B

Kindy A and Kindy B at Quinns have been learning about animals this term. Bugs were our favourite kind of animal! We pretended to be Scientists, examining them with magnifying glasses and torches. One day, a real praying mantis was discovered outside our Kindy room and we kept him for a little while so that we could observe him.





We also had some silkworms, which most of us were brave enough to hold. We were amazed at how much they ate and how quickly they grew. We watched them build cocoons then waited for the silkworm’s moths to emerge. Luckily, for us, silkworm moths cannot fly so we were able to watch them crawl about the box and lay eggs.

All in all, it was a very exciting time and we learnt such a lot.

Mrs de Visser

Class Teacher