Class News – Term 4 Week 6 – Pre-primary News

East Hamersley Campus Pre-primary News

The students in Pre-primary have started Term 4 with a mature approach to their learning. They have been preparing for the transition to Year 1 with confidence and independence.




We are now attending assemblies with the whole school and we have learnt how to sing and actions to Wanjoo which is the aboriginal welcome song. We also are enjoying playing in the nature playground with the whole school. The students have shown excellent pragmatic skills when trying new play situations, as well as talking to new friends.

As part of the oral language program and Literature Based Unit, we have finished exploring “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. We have engaged in STEM projects. The students were left a note from Goldilocks who needed a ‘just right’ bed. The students planned, investigated materials, evaluated to make our very own beds for Goldilocks. She came to test them and left us a note and spread glitter over our beds. The STEM process opened up oral language opportunities and students were all highly motivated and engaged in the process. It involved a problem and solution process and investigating what materials would make the right bed.






As Term 4 is coming to an end I would like to wish all students luck for year 1! It has been a pleasure being your teacher and watching you all grow and develop your oral language.

Mrs Bree Nash, Mrs Nancy Valentino, Mrs Acott

Class Teacher, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary A

We have been learning about history this term. We have a personal history and we have changed and grown over time. We have a family and this includes people who live with us or who live in other places. We love and care for our family. We celebrate and remember them. We played in our Family Celebrations Joint Action Routine to role play as a family. First, we decide which celebration to engage in, for example; birthday, baby shower, or Christmas. Then, we can dress up, eat take photos and play games. For the birthday celebration, we can dress up in party hats, sing happy birthday, eat cake, give presents, and play games. For the baby shower, we can eat, play games, and give presents. We have a ‘Guess Who? Game’ in the baby shower with our baby photos and this shows how much we have changed grown. For the Christmas celebration, we can eat, decorate trees, and give gifts. We enjoyed sharing and taking turns with our pretend families.






We have just opened the Gingerbread Café in our home-corner. We can role-play being baristas (to serve food and drinks) and customers. We have a simple menu with drinks for $5, a drink and a sweet treat for $10, lunch specials for $15 and celebration cakes $20. We have been working on recognising Australian money, addition and skip counting.

We have lots of fun playing in both home corners.

Miss Nguyen, Mrs Williams, Mrs Valentino & Mrs Holmes

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary B

The last few weeks have been jam-packed with our Book Week Parade, Eco-Action Incursion and then our attempt to save Humpty Dumpty from smashing when he fell from the wall. Here we are having fun after our parade and at our incursion.






Mrs Rogers

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary C

Pre-primary C have been super busy this term. We have had book week dress up, a mini beast incursion, we have been growing beans and have also been busy learning our narrative for the term, Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The children especially enjoyed our Eco Incursion, we learnt all about mini beasts and we were even brave enough to hold some!






Ms Bennett

Class Teacher



Poseidon News

Super Reader Award

At the beginning of the year all our students receive a Home Reading Record booklet.  Each time they get 25 nights reading, they receive an award certificate at the next assembly and the certificates go up in amounts of 25.  When they reach 200 nights reading, they also win a book prize from Melissa Guy (Principal of Poseidon Primary School) of which the student gets to choose a book.

Congratulations to Levi Calvert (Year 1A). Levi is the first LDC student to win a 200 nights reading award.  Super reading Levi!!!   Happy reading to all our WCLDC students.

Twilight Picnic and Food Trucks – Friday 19th Nov –  6.30pm to 8pm

A reminder; parents, carers and children are invited to join Poseidon Primary School for a fun night of activities, a concert and disco, food trucks and entertainment. No need to buy tickets a gold coin donation on the night. Come and enjoy a fun night with other Poseidon families.

Poseidon Campus – Pre-primary A

We have had a busy and wonderful beginning to the term so far. We have just completed our literacy-based unit on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and explicitly breaking down the important elements of a narrative and unpacking the story. We completed lots of hands-on learning experiences to deepen our understanding such as cooking and trying porridge and role playing the story, which the students thoroughly enjoyed! Finally, everyone applied what they had learnt over the four-week unit and gave wonderful retells, demonstrating their growth in their understanding of a narrative retell. Well done PPA!






This Term, students have been completing lots of writing tasks by applying their knowledge of letters and sounds to help them write recounts and descriptive sentences. There has been a heavy focus on looking for clues and making links during book shares. The students have done so well at being detectives like Detective Smart Guess to find clues to help them infer setting elements such as where and when or character feelings and problems.

This term we grew and harvested carrots and celery. We discovered that the vegetables needed sun and water to help them to grow. We loved watching them grow and the kids were all very excited picking the vegetables and tasting them.

Our focus in Pragmatics and Social skills has been persistence, taking turns, and cooperating with others. The students have been demonstrating sharing and turn-taking skills during outdoor play and structured play-based experiences in class. In addition, we have been focusing on problem-solving. As an introduction to problem-solving, the class had to work together as a team to find clues to the correct key to open a padlock to a cupboard that had a game for the class to play.






On Wednesdays, PPA has been thoroughly enjoying their music lessons and learning about different pitches and tempo and playing different instruments. We love Library time and have been learning a lot about yesterday, today and tomorrow and 2D shapes and 3D objects.

We are all looking forward to the exciting remaining weeks of Pre-Primary where we will be beginning to practise for our little Christmas concert to perform for our families.

Kind regards,

Alice McDonell

Class Teacher














Quinns Beach Campus – Pre-primary A

This term has been very busy. We have been consolidating our narrative skills with the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We have been engaged in lots of different activities including cooking porridge and acting out the story using stick puppets.






We also joined with Quinns Beach Primary in their Colour Run and Nature play day. The Colour Run was loads of fun.





During the nature play day, we had an outdoor maths lesson. We investigated the different collections we could find in the natural environment. We found collections of twigs, rocks, pebbles, sand granules and flowers.





Finally, Bunnings visited and we made a truck that will be filled with chocolates for Christmas.

Mrs Walters, Mrs Cruikshank, Mrs Allen and Mrs Johnston

Class Teachers, Education Assistant and Speech Pathologist