Class News- Term 2 Week 9 Kindy

East Hamersley Campus Kindy News

In our class we know all our colours. As part of our revision of colours and embedding the Aboriginal culture into our everyday classroom activities we listened to the Dreamtime story ‘Warnayarra The Rainbow Snake,’ then used our fine motor skills to paint the snake and finally our oral language skills to describe our snake painting. They definitely brightened up our classroom.

We have also been learning to ‘Smart Ignore.’ We had to practise smart ignoring Compy when he was trying to distract us on the mat. We are getting quite good at smart ignoring silly behaviour, outside noises and other distractions. One student’s mum even reported that after telling her child to stop their silly behaviour at home that they replied, “no mum you need to smart ignore me.”

Finally, we have finished off our term learning all about food. It has been a fun few week’s sorting, describing and taste testing some different foods. Our home corner was turned into the Kindy Café and we have practised our oral language skills and manners while playing in the café. It is so much fun playing and learning at kindy.

Mrs McInnes

Class Teacher


Poseidon Campus News

Poseidon Primary School Cross Country Event

Well done to all the participants in the Poseidon Primary School Cross Country event last Wednesday. We were very proud to have several students on the winners’ podium. Thank you to Mr Pickering for organising the event and special thanks to the Year 6 students for their encouragement and help throughout the races.

Congratulations to the following ribbon winners:

Dennis– 1st Place – Year 1 Boys

Haluto– 2nd Place – Year 1 Boys

Jake– 2nd Place Pre-primary Boys

Elson– 3rd Place Pre-primary Boys

Max– 4th Place Pre-primary Boys

Aoife – 4th Place Pre-Primary Girls


Wanjoo Incursion

On Friday the 17th of June, the Kindy – Year 3 students at Poseidon Primary School and West Coast LDC participated in the incursion ‘Wanjoo Workshop’ presented by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse. The workshop focussed on the importance of keeping Noongar language and culture alive, as well as learning original Noongar language songs. The students learnt the songs ‘Iggy’s Lullaby’ (written for Gina’s son), ‘Bindi, Bindi (The Butterfly)’, ‘Ninnyok (Little Girl)’ as well as a Noongar version of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Djinda Djinda)’ and a terrific little counting song called ‘Keyen Koodjal, Daambart (One, Two, Three)’.

The student’s proudly sung the welcome song ‘Wanjoo’, and were absolutely captivated by the interactive experience.

The incursion was incredible, and the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed learning Noongar language songs with actions. It was an honour to meet the very talented duo of Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse! We thank them both for sharing their songs, culture and language with us. As mentioned, the workshop aimed to share the importance of keeping the Noongar language and culture alive, and it certainly achieved this goal.

Mrs Hayley Rowlett

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Kindy A

Kindy A has been learning all about food and shopping and enjoying the narrative “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. They have been very busy making craft which shows the life cycle of butterflies, and experiencing what it might be like in a cocoon!


We have also been learning about how to describe different fruit and sorting food into fruit and vegetable groups.


In the home corner the children have been taking turns with the roles of shopper and check-out operator. They are learning to greet each other, use polite words like ‘next please’ and ‘thank you, come again’.

Mrs Williams

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Kindy B

It has been a very busy Term 2 for Kindy. We have settled well into our class routine, having a good understanding of ‘whole body listening’ and how to navigate through our rotation groups. We have been learning new vocabulary through our themes of ‘furniture’, ‘household jobs’, ‘food’ and ‘shopping’. We have used Colourful Semantics and semantic icons to scaffold and support our expressive language to be able to describe objects, for example the colour, shape and where you would find an item.

We have been using actions and pictures to help us retell stories as well as using the Braidy icons to help us explain who the character is and where the character is in the story.

We have been learning all about numbers up to 10 and have enjoyed creating crafts relating to each number.

We went to the undercover area and got to enjoy listening to Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse perform ‘Wanjoo’ and many other songs in Noongar. For some of the songs, we stood up to dance and join in with the actions.

For cooking we have been making food items related to our class themes, for example we made Goldilocks and one of the bears from rice crackers, meat, cheese and noodles. After eating what we have made, we complete our procedural retell, telling our teacher what we made and how we made it.

We are looking forward to the last few weeks of term as we are reading and making our own story book about “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

Mrs Livingstone and Mrs Gastelaars

Class Teacher and Education Assistant

Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy A

In Kindy we have been learning the steps involved in simple procedures using some clever connecting words like; first, next and finally.

We made yummy Vegemite crackers to eat.

  • First we put the cracker on the plate.
  • Next we spread the butter on the cracker.
  • Then spread some Vegemite.
  • Finally we ate the cracker.


Mrs Porter

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy B

Our theme is ‘Food’ and we have been learning how to do things in the right order. We learnt how to make vegemite sandwiches and a bowl of cereal. Then we had to tell Compy what actions to do in the right order. We used the words ‘first, next, then and last’ to show the order of the actions. We also tried hard to use words like ‘pour’ and ‘spread’.  We all took turns to do the actions and to do the talking. We had lots of fun!

Mrs de Visser

Class Teacher