Class News – Term 2 Week 6 – Year One

East Hamersley Campus Year One News

We have been enjoying the Autumn weather so far this term, using the fine days to weed and plant garlic in our secret garden plus observe the changes in our broccoli and spring onion seedlings. We don’t mind the rain because it is watering our crops for us! We will be planting different crops throughout the year and will keep you updated via Seesaw.








We are continuing to learn more code to become better readers and spellers and we have now met all the aliens who help us generate great sentences when we are speaking and writing.








This term we will be studying Geography, learning about people and places in our world as well as the 6 Noongar and 4 European seasons. Our focus texts to explore this term are some Australian classics: “Possum Magic” by Mem Fox, “The Journey Home” by Alison Lester and “Tiddalick-The Frog Who Caused A Flood” by Robert Roennfeldt.

Cross country will be in week 6 so we have been training hard with Mrs Acott plus learning to compare weight and length. It’s another busy term.

Mrs Vladich

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Year 1A

Every Tuesday, the students in Year 1A have a busy day taught by three different teachers! One of the subjects that we learn on Tuesday is Art. Usually Mrs Luppnow teaches Art, but Mrs Mayberry has taken over while Mrs Luppnow enjoys some long service leave.

In Art, we have been learning about line, colour and shape. We use this knowledge to make a variety of amazing artworks. Recently, we learned about foreground and background. We kept those new concepts in mind for our next Art project – drawing a picture of the school playground.






After we drew a picture of the school playground, we used watercolour paints to add colour to our drawings. Mrs Valentino came to take pictures while we were painting and everyone wanted to show off their artwork. In Year 1A, we are all Artists!

Mrs Valentino

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Year 1A

This term we have been talking about the story Possum Magic. We have learnt about the word ‘invisible’ and thought about what we would do if we were invisible for a day! We are also learning how to be good storytellers by discussing all the important parts and events in the text.

We followed a procedure to make vegemite sandwiches (that’s what made Hush’s tail appear!) and created a set of written instructions.






On Tuesdays, the children have been learning to recognise and describe 3D shapes. They made windsocks out of cylinders, and they had fun playing with them outside in the wind.


Mrs O’Callaghan and Ms Hemmy

Class Teachers



Quinns Beach Campus – Year 1B

During term 1, we introduced our students to living things in our science lessons.   Students had the opportunity to grow their own plants.  We experimented to prove that living things have certain needs to survive, such as water, food, air, space and sun.

Our narrative, “A home for Bilby” taught us about different Australian Animals and their habitats.  We were very excited to visit Caversham National Park to see these animals in their natural habitats.






When we returned to school, we researched an animal of our choice.  We used our description chart to describe our animal.   We used shoe boxes and other materials to build a habitat for our animals made of clay.

Mrs Liebold

Class Teacher