Class News – Term 1 Week 3 – Year 1

Padbury Campus – Year 1A

This term the students in Year 1A are studying Biological Sciences and learning all about living things. We started by dressing up as scientists in lab coats and safety goggles. We thought about all the different things that scientists do.

We made some predictions about the living things that we might find at school. Then we went on a School Safari. We used our iPads to take photos of livings things near the basketball court and playground. We saw weeds, grass, trees, flowers, ants, birds and people! We even found some mosaics showing pictures of living things.

Exploring our school grounds with a School Safari was a hands-on way to learn about living things in our local area. We used technology safely and took turns sharing the iPads with our friends.


Mrs Valentino

Class Teacher


Padbury Campus – Year 1B

We have begun our year by practising new year one routines, like lining up and showing whole-body listening manners during lessons. We have also been learning about scientists. We have discussed what scientists do, the protective clothing they wear and the tools they use. We dressed as scientists and used magnifying glasses and had a good look at things inside our room. Over the next few weeks, we will be growing plants and discussing the needs of living things. We are being scientists!



Ms Bartlett

Class Teacher




Poseidon Campus – Year 1A

Year 1A have had a fabulous start to our school year. The students have been learning the routines, expectations and structure of Year 1 as well as getting to know each other and their teachers. Mrs Young, Mrs Dyer, Mrs Priestley, Mrs King, and I are very excited for our year of learning.

In Science, the Year One’s and Compy have been learning about how to be scientists. They have discovered all the special clothes (coats and safety glasses) that scientists wear and the special equipment (magnifying glasses and tweezers) they use. They know that scientists love finding answers about our world, and how things work. As a class we decided to become scientists and look for clues, ask and answer questions and make predictions. We used our magnifying glasses and went searching for clues. We found many living and non-living objects like rocks, sticks, bugs, and trees.










In literacy, we have been focussing on our letter-sound link, through reading and writing. The students were introduced to aliens – that have been teaching us how to make sentences orally and in writing. Sentence structure has been a big focus in the last few weeks, and we will continue to focus on building sentences throughout the year.



We have been working hard in Year 1 and have such a busy term ahead.

Mrs Rowlett

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Year 1B

Hi Everyone,

Here in Year 1B at Poseidon we say, “Welcome to 2022”.

We’ve had a busy start to the year and especially love doing Science to learn all about the living things around us.

Another favourite time of the week is when we change our books at the library.

We have been showing Mrs Vawser and Mrs Mayberry what we already know and are ready to learn amazing new skills in reading and writing and speaking and listening and counting and measuring and…. PHEW!!

Stay tuned for another newsletter to see what we’ve been up to.

Mrs Vawser and Mrs Mayberry

Class Teachers

Quinns Beach Campus – Year 1A and 1B

It has been a busy start to Year 1. We enjoyed getting to know our new classmates and learning classroom routines. We read the booklet Compy Learns about How to Be a Scientist booklet in our science lesson. We dressed up as Scientists in lab coats and goggles. We used scientific words and vocabulary to look for clues to find living things in the garden.

We can’t wait to learn more exciting things in our science unit this term.






Mrs O’Callaghan and Mrs Liebold

Class Teachers

Quinns Beach Campus – Year 1B

Happy Term One!

We have had a wonderful start to the year.  Our classroom is starting to look fantastic with all the wonderful work that we have already completed.  Our book focus for this term is “Jeremy”.  Jeremy links to our science curriculum – Living Things.  We will be doing some fantastic science learning outside and growing a small garden.

In maths we will be focusing on number.  We will be playing many different games to help our number knowledge grow.

Mrs Cronje our speech pathologist will be introducing some aliens to us.  “Alien Talk” is an engaging approach to teaching sentence structure.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns over the year.  I will endeavour to post our learning journey on Seesaw so you do not miss out!











Ms Dorotich

Class Teacher