Class News – Pre-primary Week 6 Term 3

East Hamersley Campus Pre-primary News

Term 3 at East Hamersley has been full of rich learning and the students are making pleasing achievements with their language development. We are currently learning about pets and weather.

As part of our Science program, we have been learning about our seasons. We have been exploring the 6 Noongar seasons. We created a drawing of the current Noongar season, Djilba, which is a mixture of wet days and cold nights and then warmer days.


We have been busy being scientists and we created our own experiment to create a ‘rain cloud’.

Dihain- “The rain comes from the bottom of the cloud.”

Zackary- “The cloud gets heavy and rain falls.”

Ciara- “The rain is in the cloud”

Niall- “The cloud gets wet and the rain comes out.”

We would like to welcome Mrs Isscason to our team.

Warm regards,

Bree Nash and The Pre Primary team

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus

The Padbury staff and students celebrated 100 days of school on Friday August 20, we love our WCLDC Padbury staff grannies.

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary A

We have been learning about the weather this term. We change what we wear or what we do depending on the weather. We played in the Weather Station Joint Action Routine to role play as a meteorologist, a director, a camera person and a wardrobe person. First we looked at the weather and chose clothes to match the hot, cold, warm or cool weather. Then we pretended to film the weather forecast. We also used a green screen app to film snowy, rainy, sunny and windy weather forecasts. Next we posted them on Seesaw to share our videos with our families too.






Changes of weather can also impact animals. To look at how we can care for our pets, we have a Vet Joint Action Routine. We can role play as a vet, a pet groomer, a receptionist and customers with sick pets or we can adopt a pet. We are also learning to recognise and use larger amounts of Australian money e.g. $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes. We can help some pets when it’s hot by giving them water, shade, going for a swim, using a fan or air conditioning, giving them a bath or trimming their fur. We can help other pets when it’s cold by giving them shelter, blankets, pet clothes, hot water bottles, drying their fur or by using a heater.

We have lots of fun playing in both home corners.

Miss Nguyen, Mrs Williams, Mrs Valentino & Mrs Holmes

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary C

Last Friday we celebrated our 100 Days of School by having a dress up. We had a trip down memory lane and looked back at all the amazing work we have done during our time in Pre-primary and based our Maths and English activities around this. This term we have also been learning all about weather and seasons and also began to grow some herbs and veggies. We can’t wait until they are ready to pick as then we will cook something delicious.


Miss Bennett

Class Teacher



Poseidon Campus – Pre-primary B

What a busy term we have are having in PPB! This week we had a wonderful visit from Constable Care and friends, and the students enjoyed an interactive puppet show. The focus of this was on who to call in an emergency and the children all learned about calling 000.

We are practising hard for the upcoming athletics carnival and becoming fast runners, champion egg and spoon carriers, and learning all about tunnel ball and the flag race. Our carnival promises to be a fun morning on Friday 3 September.

Another fun event to look forward to is the Book Week parade. Costumes are being planned and it will be an exciting day, next Friday 27th August. This will also be the first whole school assembly that our Pre-primary students participate in.

In Science this term, we are learning about the weather and how this affects people and animals. The students are learning about animals that migrate or hibernate and how to care for their pets in different types of weather. In support of the Biological Science curriculum, we have planted carrot and celery seeds this term in special plant pods and are caring for these and watching them grow. The children are excited to harvest these later in the term and taste the vegetables they have been growing!

In Social Skills, our recent focus has been on developing Resilience and learning to ‘bounce back’. We talk about real examples during the day and practise this skill.

In Maths and English, we are seeing the children’s skills develop constantly. Early reading and writing are an ongoing focus for us in class this term and we have been revising many concepts during Maths, always practising counting skills and developing a deeper understanding of numbers to 20.


On Wednesdays with Miss Claydon, the children are learning about capacity in measurement and this semester are taking part in Music. It has been wonderful to hear lots of singing and the sound of musical instruments coming from the class as these lessons take place.

It’s hard to believe that we are already in Term 3 and it is wonderful to look back on the year so far and appreciate how much the students are learning and developing as the year progresses!

Mrs Foster

Class Teacher




Quinns Beach Campus – Pre-primary A

It has been a busy and fun term at Quinns Beach. We had a crazy sock day and enjoyed describing and drawing our socks.

We had a huge Book Week parade. Piper won the class award at the parade. The staff also enjoyed dressing up.






It was fun looking at the classroom doors that were decorated with a different book.


Constable Care also visited and talked about getting to school safely and we have been practising for our sports carnival next week.

Mrs Walters, Mrs Johnston and Mrs Allen

Class Teacher, Speech Pathology and Education Assistant