Class News – Kindergarten – Week 9 Term 3

East Hamersley Campus Kindy News

This term the clever Kindy kids have been learning all about wild animals. They did some AMAZING paintings of wild animals, retold the story of The Selfish Crocodile using props at out story table and made a selfish crocodile using the concertina fold. We even ‘clunked’ the word concertina as it was a new word! We had fun building zoos for wild animals with the blocks and Duplo too and we are getting so good at working together to share and create.











Mrs McInnes

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – News

A reminder the WCLDC Pre-primary and Year 1 students will be taking part in the Edu-dance Concert on Monday 20th September. Parents and carers are welcome to watch the concert in the Undercover area of Padbury Primary School.  Please park in the carpark near MacDonald Reserve or street parking away from the bus zones and front of Padbury Primary School. The students will bring notes home on their dress requirements for the concert and notification of the event time.

Poseidon Campus – Kindy A

In Kindy A at Poseidon we have been learning all about animals this term. Animals can be sorted into different categories. First, we learnt about farm animals, and even got to visit and feed the chickens at school. Next, we learnt about pets, and Mrs Roberts bought her pet rabbit “Pebbles” in to spend the day in our classroom. She had a great day playing with us on the mat. She was getting grumpy in her cage and thumping her feet, and much preferred to sleep on the class mat. We loved giving her a pat. Now we are learning all about wild animals and are having lots of fun retelling the story ‘Dear Zoo’ with all of our animals in their cages.





Mrs Hemadou

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Kindy B

Kindy B have been very busy this term. We have been using semantic icons to help us share our weekly news based on the classroom themes. This term we have been learning new vocabulary through our themes: farm animals, wild animals and pets. We have been learning how to put these different types of animals into categories and give each category a label.

One of our focuses for this term has been ‘conversations’. We have been using pictures of places we may have visited, and we have taken turns to ask our friends where they went, who they went with and what they did there. To encourage starting a conversation we have a reward chart where the children receive a ‘conversation ice cream scoop’ when the teachers hear then independently starting a conversation.


Following on from our learning of the ‘Zones of Regulation’ the class now has a daily check in chart, where the children can place their picture in the coloured zone that reflects how they feel.

The children were very excited to be able to dress up for ‘Book Week’. We invited the LDC P.P. class up to watch our parade and Miss McDonell chose a winner, presenting them with a voucher for the Scholastic book fair. We also were invited by the Primary School Kindy class to join them at the sports carnival for their running race. The children all ran really well and had lots of fun.





Mrs Livingstone

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy A and B

Kindy A and Kindy B have been learning about animals. Mrs Paine took us on a bear hunt! It was very exciting especially at the end when the big bear gave us a shock! It was a big surprise for us because we didn’t know he was there. We didn’t think he was a scary bear so we all gave him a massive hug. This week we are starting learning about ocean animals. We read the book The Rainbow Fish. Mrs Paine pretended to be the Rainbow fish and shared out her shiny scales with us. We swam about the ocean feeling happy and excited. We loved our new, shiny scales.



Mrs de Visser

Class Teacher