Principal’s News – Week 3 Term 3

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

The start to term 3 has certainly been very busy. Thank you to Catherine Regan for stepping in as principal while I was on leave and Sarah Armstead (Quinns Beach) and Leah Ash (Poseidon) for ably fulfilling the deputy role at each site.

This term, staff have a strong focus on reviewing their data on student progress and mapping this information onto the developmental rubrics for sending home prior to the case conferences (kindy and pre-primary) later this term. Year one students have an exit interview later in term 4. Most of our kindy and pre-primary students will continue with us for next year. If we believe that your child should exit, the site deputies will have a discussion with you. If you are considering exiting your kindy or pre-primary child (parent choice, not our recommendation), please have a discussion with your site deputies.

Over the past two or three years, we have modified our parent program to make it more interactive and targeted. For kindy it has focused at the class level with modelling of specific ideas for parents and for pre-primary we have the Book Sharing Program. This term we are trialling a Year 1 parent program. These sessions are focused on developing a deeper understanding of Developmental Language Disorder and the impact on learning with the aim that parents are armed with the knowledge to advocate and support their child through the remaining school journey. The trial is at our Padbury site and we will seek feedback from the parents and this will inform how we might run these sessions across sites for 2022.

A reminder that we have a School Development Day on Thursday August 12. This means that children will not be at school. Staff will be working on cultural awareness connected to First Nations people.

Ms Shelley Blakers


Principal’s News – Week 10 Term 2

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

It has been a very busy and productive term for staff and students. There have been some fun and interesting incursions across our sites. The Year 1 children at Padbury had the ‘Sticky Prick Bee Haven’ come to the school. The children learnt about the importance of bees, pollination and how we can look after our very important and precious bees. Pre-primary children at Quinns had a visit from some sweet farm animals from ‘Cuddly Animal Farm’ and they got to hold them and learn all about how to look after them. ‘Farmyard on Wheels’ came to Padbury and the Pre-primary children had a great time learning about the farm animals from Farmer Mick. These incursions were organised to help develop the children’s vocabulary and understanding linked to the Literature Based Unit on ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

Padbury Pre-primary students also had the ‘Rubbish to Resource’ education program to develop their understanding of the relationship between waste and our environment and their role in the sustainability of the Earth’s resources. Finally, the wonderful Australian animals from ‘West OZ Wildlife’ came to visit at East Hamersley, Padbury and Poseidon. The children learnt about our wonderful Australian animal’s habitats, behaviours and the safe handling of these animals. Some brave children even had the snake around their shoulders.

Staff spent the School Development Day in week 8 learning more about problem solving in mathematics. We also had Dr Trish Collins form Edith Cowen University come along and lead us through STEM which is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We looked at the integrated curriculum with a focus on inquiry approaches, technology and how to use a range of apps as well as group activities and planning. It was a great day and I am sure teachers are excited to bring some of the ideas explored into their classroom practise.

We have an extra week this term, making it an eleven-week term, there is still lots to get through and to look forward to. Reports will be published on Connect in the last week of term. Please make sure you have set up your password and log in for Connect. If you have any problems, please give the Padbury office a call on 9407 3050 and someone will assist you.

I have enjoyed my term as principal, Shelley Blakers will be back at the start of next term so I will be returning to my deputy role at Quinns Beach and Poseidon. Thank you to Sarah Armstead and Leah Ash for stepping into the deputy roles on both those sites while I was at Padbury.

Catherine Regan


Principal’s News – Term 2 Week 6

Hello Parents/Caregivers,

Reminder the WCLDC Staff Development Day is Tuesday 8th June, after the Western Australia Day Public Holiday – NO WCLDC students at school. Students return to school Wednesday 9th June.

We are already half way through a very busy term. Children are having a lot of fun learning new and exciting things and teachers are busy assessing ready to write reports. Reports will be published on Connect in the last week of term. If you are a new parent, please make sure you check your emails for notification on how to log in to Connect. If you are having any difficulties, please phone the Padbury office and someone will be happy to help you.

The weather is certainly getting more wet and we have had some quite cold mornings. With the cold weather we usually get some sickness. There have been a few nasty bugs going around, so please keep your child home from school if they are not well. You can let your child’s teacher know they will be absent through the messages on Seesaw or by phoning the Padbury office.

I have been enjoying sitting in the Principals seat this term while Ms Blakers has been on Long Service Leave. I have had the opportunity to meet some children at the Padbury campus and I must say, they are a very friendly bunch. I have enjoyed the chats when I visited the classrooms.

We have our School Development Day coming up after the long weekend in June, Tuesday 8th. The staff will all be meeting over at our East Hamersley campus and doing some of our own learning on Mathematics and integrated curriculum including Science and Digital Technologies. We are looking forward to that and I am sure the teachers will be very inspired and bring lots of fabulous ideas back into the classroom. I hope you enjoy your extra-long weekend with your children.

Catherine Regan


Principal’s News – Term 2 Week 3

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome to term 2. This is an eleven-week term and there are lots of fabulous things to look forward to across all campuses. Keep an eye out for notices on Seesaw and in the newsletter so you don’t miss out.

The student goals for the semester went home at the end of last term. The Kindergarten class teachers and speech pathologists had meetings with parents to discuss the reporting process. At the end of this term all children will have a semester report that will be published on Connect. New parents will receive information about how to access Connect in the next few weeks. You will be sent an invitation by email. We will let you know when this will be coming, but it is important to note that the email will come from the following address:  as it may end up in your junk folder. Existing parents should already have access to Connect. If you have any problems, please give the office a call (08 9407 3050) and we can assist you.

There is the ‘Book Sharing’ program running this term for parents of pre-primary children. Due to Covid restrictions the dates may have changed on your campus so please keep an eye out for information about these changes.

Class photos are coming up in week 4. Photos are taken across the 4 sites over three days. Please make sure you read the information that is distributed carefully to ensure you avoid disappointment. If anything changes, we will let you know.

The School Development Day this term is Tuesday 8th June after the W.A. day public weekend. There will be NO SCHOOL FOR WCLDC STUDENTS on this day. Staff will be involved in professional learning. Students will be back at school on Wednesday 9th June.

Although we need to make sure we follow health and safety advice, such as keeping our distance, wearing masks when required and washing hands let’s hope that there are no further lockdowns and we can get on with life at a relatively normal level.

Ms Catherine Regan