Class News – Kindergarten – Week 9 Term 3

East Hamersley Campus Kindy News

This term the clever Kindy kids have been learning all about wild animals. They did some AMAZING paintings of wild animals, retold the story of The Selfish Crocodile using props at out story table and made a selfish crocodile using the concertina fold. We even ‘clunked’ the word concertina as it was a new word! We had fun building zoos for wild animals with the blocks and Duplo too and we are getting so good at working together to share and create.











Mrs McInnes

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – News

A reminder the WCLDC Pre-primary and Year 1 students will be taking part in the Edu-dance Concert on Monday 20th September. Parents and carers are welcome to watch the concert in the Undercover area of Padbury Primary School.  Please park in the carpark near MacDonald Reserve or street parking away from the bus zones and front of Padbury Primary School. The students will bring notes home on their dress requirements for the concert and notification of the event time.

Poseidon Campus – Kindy A

In Kindy A at Poseidon we have been learning all about animals this term. Animals can be sorted into different categories. First, we learnt about farm animals, and even got to visit and feed the chickens at school. Next, we learnt about pets, and Mrs Roberts bought her pet rabbit “Pebbles” in to spend the day in our classroom. She had a great day playing with us on the mat. She was getting grumpy in her cage and thumping her feet, and much preferred to sleep on the class mat. We loved giving her a pat. Now we are learning all about wild animals and are having lots of fun retelling the story ‘Dear Zoo’ with all of our animals in their cages.





Mrs Hemadou

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Kindy B

Kindy B have been very busy this term. We have been using semantic icons to help us share our weekly news based on the classroom themes. This term we have been learning new vocabulary through our themes: farm animals, wild animals and pets. We have been learning how to put these different types of animals into categories and give each category a label.

One of our focuses for this term has been ‘conversations’. We have been using pictures of places we may have visited, and we have taken turns to ask our friends where they went, who they went with and what they did there. To encourage starting a conversation we have a reward chart where the children receive a ‘conversation ice cream scoop’ when the teachers hear then independently starting a conversation.


Following on from our learning of the ‘Zones of Regulation’ the class now has a daily check in chart, where the children can place their picture in the coloured zone that reflects how they feel.

The children were very excited to be able to dress up for ‘Book Week’. We invited the LDC P.P. class up to watch our parade and Miss McDonell chose a winner, presenting them with a voucher for the Scholastic book fair. We also were invited by the Primary School Kindy class to join them at the sports carnival for their running race. The children all ran really well and had lots of fun.





Mrs Livingstone

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy A and B

Kindy A and Kindy B have been learning about animals. Mrs Paine took us on a bear hunt! It was very exciting especially at the end when the big bear gave us a shock! It was a big surprise for us because we didn’t know he was there. We didn’t think he was a scary bear so we all gave him a massive hug. This week we are starting learning about ocean animals. We read the book The Rainbow Fish. Mrs Paine pretended to be the Rainbow fish and shared out her shiny scales with us. We swam about the ocean feeling happy and excited. We loved our new, shiny scales.



Mrs de Visser

Class Teacher

Class News – Pre-primary Week 6 Term 3

East Hamersley Campus Pre-primary News

Term 3 at East Hamersley has been full of rich learning and the students are making pleasing achievements with their language development. We are currently learning about pets and weather.

As part of our Science program, we have been learning about our seasons. We have been exploring the 6 Noongar seasons. We created a drawing of the current Noongar season, Djilba, which is a mixture of wet days and cold nights and then warmer days.


We have been busy being scientists and we created our own experiment to create a ‘rain cloud’.

Dihain- “The rain comes from the bottom of the cloud.”

Zackary- “The cloud gets heavy and rain falls.”

Ciara- “The rain is in the cloud”

Niall- “The cloud gets wet and the rain comes out.”

We would like to welcome Mrs Isscason to our team.

Warm regards,

Bree Nash and The Pre Primary team

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus

The Padbury staff and students celebrated 100 days of school on Friday August 20, we love our WCLDC Padbury staff grannies.

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary A

We have been learning about the weather this term. We change what we wear or what we do depending on the weather. We played in the Weather Station Joint Action Routine to role play as a meteorologist, a director, a camera person and a wardrobe person. First we looked at the weather and chose clothes to match the hot, cold, warm or cool weather. Then we pretended to film the weather forecast. We also used a green screen app to film snowy, rainy, sunny and windy weather forecasts. Next we posted them on Seesaw to share our videos with our families too.






Changes of weather can also impact animals. To look at how we can care for our pets, we have a Vet Joint Action Routine. We can role play as a vet, a pet groomer, a receptionist and customers with sick pets or we can adopt a pet. We are also learning to recognise and use larger amounts of Australian money e.g. $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes. We can help some pets when it’s hot by giving them water, shade, going for a swim, using a fan or air conditioning, giving them a bath or trimming their fur. We can help other pets when it’s cold by giving them shelter, blankets, pet clothes, hot water bottles, drying their fur or by using a heater.

We have lots of fun playing in both home corners.

Miss Nguyen, Mrs Williams, Mrs Valentino & Mrs Holmes

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre-primary C

Last Friday we celebrated our 100 Days of School by having a dress up. We had a trip down memory lane and looked back at all the amazing work we have done during our time in Pre-primary and based our Maths and English activities around this. This term we have also been learning all about weather and seasons and also began to grow some herbs and veggies. We can’t wait until they are ready to pick as then we will cook something delicious.


Miss Bennett

Class Teacher



Poseidon Campus – Pre-primary B

What a busy term we have are having in PPB! This week we had a wonderful visit from Constable Care and friends, and the students enjoyed an interactive puppet show. The focus of this was on who to call in an emergency and the children all learned about calling 000.

We are practising hard for the upcoming athletics carnival and becoming fast runners, champion egg and spoon carriers, and learning all about tunnel ball and the flag race. Our carnival promises to be a fun morning on Friday 3 September.

Another fun event to look forward to is the Book Week parade. Costumes are being planned and it will be an exciting day, next Friday 27th August. This will also be the first whole school assembly that our Pre-primary students participate in.

In Science this term, we are learning about the weather and how this affects people and animals. The students are learning about animals that migrate or hibernate and how to care for their pets in different types of weather. In support of the Biological Science curriculum, we have planted carrot and celery seeds this term in special plant pods and are caring for these and watching them grow. The children are excited to harvest these later in the term and taste the vegetables they have been growing!

In Social Skills, our recent focus has been on developing Resilience and learning to ‘bounce back’. We talk about real examples during the day and practise this skill.

In Maths and English, we are seeing the children’s skills develop constantly. Early reading and writing are an ongoing focus for us in class this term and we have been revising many concepts during Maths, always practising counting skills and developing a deeper understanding of numbers to 20.


On Wednesdays with Miss Claydon, the children are learning about capacity in measurement and this semester are taking part in Music. It has been wonderful to hear lots of singing and the sound of musical instruments coming from the class as these lessons take place.

It’s hard to believe that we are already in Term 3 and it is wonderful to look back on the year so far and appreciate how much the students are learning and developing as the year progresses!

Mrs Foster

Class Teacher




Quinns Beach Campus – Pre-primary A

It has been a busy and fun term at Quinns Beach. We had a crazy sock day and enjoyed describing and drawing our socks.

We had a huge Book Week parade. Piper won the class award at the parade. The staff also enjoyed dressing up.






It was fun looking at the classroom doors that were decorated with a different book.


Constable Care also visited and talked about getting to school safely and we have been practising for our sports carnival next week.

Mrs Walters, Mrs Johnston and Mrs Allen

Class Teacher, Speech Pathology and Education Assistant

Class News – Year One – Week 3 Term 3

East Hamersley Campus Year One News

We have been busy tending our garden this term, spacing out the carrots and watching our potato plants grow taller. We can’t wait until harvest time!

To celebrate our 100 days at school learning together our class had a dress up day on 4th August. We did Math and English activities based around what we have learned or got much better at since we have been in year one- see the brainstorm photo of ideas the children generated before we wrote. This term we will be looking back into the past and comparing life from long ago to our present time across schooling, transport, homes, families and more. If you have any old or interesting objects that you would like to share with the children, please let me know and we will add them to our display.


Mrs Vladich

Class Teacher



Padbury Campus – Year One A

Year 1A has had a great start to Term 3! We have started Edu-Dance to practice for our end of term show and we are counting down the days until we celebrate our 100 days at school! Our ‘theme’ this term is history and learning all about the past and how things have changed, young and old, and memories. We have learned some interesting new vocabulary words to go along with this and we designed our own old people and then wrote some ‘super sentences’ using joining words ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’, which we have been learning to do this term to expand our sentences. For example, ‘the man is old because he is nearly 100’; ‘the man is old so he has grey hair’; ‘the man is old but he still goes on roller coasters’! In the next few weeks we will be learning more about how school, family life and toys were different in the past and now.

In Maths, we have been playing lots of ‘swapping’ games in maths to create a good base for place value knowledge. We have learned games such as ‘spaceman’ and ‘feed the fish’ where we kept rolling until we got 10 ones blocks to swap for a tens block and then 10 tens blocks to swap for a hundreds block. It also helps us practice our skip counting in twos and tens. We are also building numbers with place value and identifying a pattern that decade numbers all end in a /T/ sound. This helps students to avoid reversing numbers such as saying 23 and 32, because they can look at the decade number first and say twenTY-three.

We have also linked our Maths to real world experience by watching some of the Olympic races and learning all about ordinal numbers. We noticed a pattern after first, second, third, that you say the number e.g. 4 the add a ‘th’ sound on the end e.g. 5th, 6th, 10th, 17th, 20th etc. Students thought it was hilarious when Mrs. W whacked a thong against the bored to remind students to say the ‘th’ on the end of the number when talking about the position in a race or in ordering or date of something. We are applying all of these concepts to numbers to 100 and achieving our learning goals in the process!

Mrs Whittington

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Year One B

We have been learning the theme of ‘families’ as part of our HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) learning area. Family vocabulary words have been used through a variety of stories, news telling and lessons. Students have brought in a family photograph and talked about the structure of their family. We are learning that there are many different family structures and all are equal and valued. Students drew their families and described what a family was. We have made a class display of families (and we are still working on this). Our next step will be to look at family roles and how they have changed over time!





The other exciting activity that has just started this term is our Edu-Dance. Students are moving and grooving and using their listening skills to participate. We cannot wait to show our moves at the end of this term.




We have welcomed Mrs Wendy Cook into our classroom as a regular volunteer helper on Fridays. She is listening to reading and generally helping out where needed. The students have had the ideal opportunity to hear stories from the past from Mrs Cook.

Ms Bartlett

Class Teacher

Padbury Campus – Year One C

When children learn to count, they like to touch, point to, and move objects as they say the number aloud.

This term we have had lots of fun during our Maths lessons. In our class, we have used different objects to count. We have started counting at different places (counting in the middle of the set rather than the beginning). It develops the idea that counting objects can begin with any object in a set, and the total will still be the same. We have been playing counting games and singing counting songs. I have noticed that students are now counting everything in class and the playground.

Mrs Liebold

Class Teacher

Poseidon Campus – Year One A

Term 3 in Year 1 has arrived, and the students have settled back into routines well. We have learnt a lot of skills and are all keen to learn even more this term.

On Friday the 30th of July, we celebrated ‘100 days at school’. Since the beginning of the year, we have been using manipulatives such as base ten blocks to help us count to 100, adding to our collection each day we are at school. The students came to school dressed up as 100-year olds or were covered in 100 collections of items. The students then participated in Literacy and Mathematics activities that were all related to the number 100. We read and wrote 100 words, and even counted back from 100. We created a group plan to build a tower with 100 plastic cups and even made a snack bag full of 10 lots of 10 different food items that made 100. It was such a great day and I am so proud of the students’ efforts and progress that they have made in their 100 days at school in Year 1. We look forward to continuing to track how many days we are at school for the entire year.






In English this term, we have been learning different spellings for different sounds i.e. /ar/, /oa/, /oo/, /ie/. The students have been reading and writing words with the taught sounds. We have been learning all about pronouns – using he/she/his/her/him in the correct sentence. The students have been focussing on editing skills by re-reading their work to make sure it makes sense and including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. It has been pleasing to see the students engaging in our literacy tasks and showing a willingness to learn.

In Mathematics, the Year 1 students are continuing to focus on their number skills. We have been learning about addition and subtraction; and linking our explanation on ‘how we know’ to demonstrate our working out. The students have also been enjoying learning all about money and the differences between each coin, and their value.

In History this term, we are learning about the ‘Past, Present and Future’. The students have been focussing on the meanings of these words and will apply their understanding when we compare the past and present later in the term. We are currently working hard to unpack our narrative ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’ by Mem Fox. We are linking our understanding of memories to the past and are very busy practicing our class story map with new interesting vocabulary.

Mrs Rowlett

Class Teacher

Quinns Beach Campus – Year One A and B

The Year 1s have had a busy start to Term 3. We have started learning about what history means and sharing some of our own memories. The children have created their own family tree and shared these with their classmates. In class, we are describing and comparing forms of communication, transport, toys, daily life, schooling and clothing.






We are growing potatoes, linked to our narrative ‘Potato People’. We planted the potatoes at the end of last term and have been watching them grow! We have used our knowledge from our Biological Sciences unit and made sure they have shelter, sunlight, water and general care.






We are so excited for our sports carnival coming up in Week 7! We have been practicing running, start relay, pass ball, under over, tunnel ball, flag race and tug of war.

With our Constable Care incursion coming up in Week 5 and all the other amazing learning opportunities planned, we are in for a busy and fun term!

Mrs O’Callaghan and Ms Kennedy

Class Teachers


Class News – Kindy – Week 10 Term 2

East Hamersley Campus Kindy News

At East Hamersley Kindy we have been learning all about food and shopping. We have loved sharing our new books in the reading area all about different foods. We also enjoyed playing the shopping list game and waiting patiently for our turn. Our Kindy Café has been set up in our class too and we love taking turns being the chef, waiter and customers. We got the paints out and painted our favourite food this week too, and they make our classroom look bright and colourful. Lots of us have ice cream as our favourite food because it’s yummy.

We have also been practising the pre writing pattern of ‘starts with a click’. We noticed that it looks like a C for Caedan and is a crescent shape. So we practiced writing ‘starts with a click’ onto crescent shapes and made moons, or as us clever kindy kids say a crescent.










Mrs McInnes

Class Teacher



Padbury Campus – Kindy B

To begin our theme of “Pets” this week, students in Kindy B arrived to a collage of their pets at the welcome table. In the afternoon, we worked hard to describe our pets using the semantic icons of what animal, colour, size and parts. Miss Lenzo introduced our new narrative “Be Gentle”, where Baby Bear learns how to look after his new kitten. Our playdough table and sensory tray is ‘pet food’ themed, and the students are enjoying scooping chickpeas into the pet bowls. During maths we are learning to represent numbers in different ways, and we practised subitising numbers and counting pets onto a ten frame. We explored “Who has a pet cat?” and counted out the class answers to see which answer had ‘more’ and ‘less’. We also enjoyed playing in the new role play corner which has been transformed into a vet, and next week we will begin using a script to encourage expressive language in play. We are having so much fun!






Mrs Murphy, Miss Lenzo and Mrs Dooley

Class Teacher, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Poseidon Campus – Kindy A

n Kindy A at Poseidon we are learning all about food and shopping. We have set up a shop in our classroom, which we love pretending to be shoppers and workers. We are also really enjoying the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We have made our own story map and are learning to act out the story.








During news telling sessions we are have to bring in something with a different texture each week. Concept Cat has been helping us learn about hard, soft, smooth and rough.


Mrs Hemadou

Class Teacher



Poseidon Campus – Kindy B

It has been a very busy Term 2 for Kindy. We have settled well into our class routine, having a good understanding of ‘whole body listening’ and how to navigate through our rotation groups. We have having been learning new vocabulary through our themes of furniture, household jobs, food and shopping. We have used Colourful Semantics and semantic icons to scaffold and support our expressive language to be able to describe items, for example the colour, shape and where you would find an item.

We have been using actions and pictures to help us retell stories as well as using the Braidy icons to help us explain who the character is and where the character is in the story.

We have been learning about emotions through ‘Zones of Regulation’. We have looked at the different coloured zones and what type of emotion belongs to that zone. We have talked about what the emotions happy, sad, angry and excited look like, trying to make our faces reflect those emotions, as well as draw a picture of something that makes us feel each of these emotions.

As part of our Social Skills program, we have been learning to share and take turns of toys and play equipment through structured play sessions and cooking.






We have been loving walking to the school library to discover and borrow new story books as well as enjoy listening to our teacher read us a story.

We are looking forward to the last few weeks of term as we are reading and making our own story book about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Mrs Livingstone and Mrs Roberts

Class Teacher and Education Assistant

Quinns Beach Campus – Kindy A and B

Kindy A and B have been learning about food and shopping. A shop was set up in the classroom and we went food shopping. It was really good fun taking turns at all the different roles. Most of us liked being the cashier, scanning the food and telling the customer how much their shopping cost. First, we wrote a shopping list so we would not forget what to buy. Remembering to use good manners and polite words is very important when visiting our shop as well as counting out the correct money and being Boss of our Bodies while waiting in line. If we pushed or did not wait our turn, the cashier got grumpy and asked us to make strong choices in the shop.

While learning about food, we shared the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl. We have got good at pretending to be a tiny caterpillar, eating lots of food, growing into a big, fat caterpillar, going for a long sleep in a cocoon THEN….TURNING INTO A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY! Flying around the room was a bit noisy at first and we sounded like butterflies in heavy boots until Mrs de Visser told us that butterflies are very quiet and light.






Mrs de Visser

Class Teacher


Class News – Pre primary – Term 2 Week 6

East Hamersley Campus Pre-primary News

Pre -primary in Term 2 has been exciting, we have been learning and focusing on oral magnificent sentences. We are using colourful semantics scaffolds to support our expressive sentences. We are describing furniture, its function and where these items belong in the house. This links to our Humanities and Social Sciences program, My Place and My World.

For example; Gus: The bath belongs in the bathroom. We use it to wash our whole body.

Riley: The table and chairs belong in the dining room. We use them to sit and eat our food.

Ciara: The oven is in the kitchen. We use it to cook.

Kotaro: The bed is found in the bedroom. We use it for sleeping on.

As part of our Social Skills program, we are role-playing, ‘visiting a friend’s house’. We have a magnificent door we are learning to knock at and wait for our friends to answer. We are learning to have a conversation with our friends and social etiquette when we are being a guest in our friend’s house.

We have made progress with our spelling, reading and writing skills using Sounds Write, a Synthetic Phonics program that is evidence based and used centre wide. We are incorporating our fine motor development into this to find words, say the sounds and read the words in our morning activities.






Keep working and learning our beautiful Pre-primary students.

Mrs Nash, Mrs Acott, Mrs Valentino, Mrs Nolan and Ms Hemmy.

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistants

Padbury Campus – Pre Primary A

We have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs. To develop our semantic knowledge, we learned about farm animals and their produce.

We played in the new Farmer’s Market Joint Action Routine to role-play with money. All the items were $1 or $2 and we had to look closely to recognise the numbers and use the correct amount for all of our shopping.

We sorted our food and drinks into categories of fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, milk, honey, eggs and dairy. Then we linked them to other shops in our community e.g. the butcher, bakery, greengrocer and fish monger.

It was lots of fun playing in the Farmer’s Market.






Miss Nguyen, Mrs Luppnow, Mrs Valentino & Mrs Holmes

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre Primary B

Rain could not keep Farmer Mick and his animals from visiting the Pre-primary students at Padbury earlier this term. The children have been learning about farm animals as part of their Language program on The Three Little Pigs, so it was a great opportunity to see, hear and touch different kinds of farm animals.

The children learnt about the parts of the animals and even got to feed some hungry lambs and goats and hold some baby chicks!  It was terrific seeing how confident and gentle the children were with the animals- big and small.






Mrs Williams, Mrs Brunner-Memik, Ms Wee & Mrs Hopper

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Padbury Campus – Pre Primary C

What a great start to Term 2 we have had in Pre Primary C, the children came back into routine and ready to learn. This term we have been learning and focussing on the narrative The Three Little Pigs. We created a role-play corner to act out the story. All the children enthusiastically joined in and engaged which was great to see and hear. We are looking forward to the rest of our busy and exciting term!






Miss Bennett, Mrs Giltrow, Ms Wee & Mrs Hopper

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist and Education Assistant

Poseidon Campus – Pre Primary A

We have had a busy and wonderful beginning to the term! The children have been working hard on learning about elements of a narrative with a focus on the story The Three Little Pigs. We have learnt about the characters, setting, when, kick off, plan and tie off.  Last week the children had the chance to retell the story all by themselves. It was so lovely to see the children applying what they had learnt into their retells.

Every day the children have been practising blending words e.g. what word am I saying /c/-/a/-/t/ = cat; and segmenting – which is being able to hear the individual sounds in words e.g. what sounds can you hear in red = /r/ /e/ /d/. We have also been starting to spell some CVC words by listening to the sounds we can hear in words.

In Maths, our focus has been on recognising collections at a glance; identifying numbers that come before and after on a number line; and expressively identifying which collections have more, less or the same. The students have been working hard to recognise and write numbers to 20 and it has been so pleasing to see how well they are achieving these goals.

Our focus in Health has been greetings and feelings. The kids are remembering to smile; look at the person they are greeting; say ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’; and say the person’s name. In class, we have been learning lots of words to describe different feelings we can experience and looking at our facial features in the mirror when displaying happy, sad, exhausted, worried and angry faces.

This Term in Geography we have been exploring our special places and what makes them special. We have also been discussing how we can look after our special places. We had a special incursion on recycling and this linked well to how we can look after our special places by picking up rubbish and recycling items. Last week we had a special news telling day and we shared a drawing about our special places. It was so lovely listening to the students talk about why their special places are so important to them.


Earlier in the term we spoke about the importance of ANZAC Day and commemorating this day. In class the students made ANZAC biscuits with Mrs Carbonne and we made a special silhouette piece of art.

Wednesdays with Mrs Young are also very busy! We have been creating lots of beautiful art work based on nature. We love going to the Library to discover and borrow new books to take home.

We are all looking forward to a happy, fun remainder of the term.

Ms McDonell, Mrs Young, Ms Gorman & Mrs Carbonne

Class Teachers, Speech Pathologist & Education Assistant

Quinns Beach Campus – Pre Primary A, B & C

On Tuesday 25th May, Pre-primary students enjoyed a visit from the Cuddly Animal Farm. Students bottle fed a lamb and interacted with goats, rabbits, chicks, ducks and guinea pigs. The visit complimented our learning about farm animals.











Ms Walters, Mrs Benbow, Mrs Porter

Class Teachers