Our Staff


The Principal has overall responsibility for the children, staff and resources within the Centre. The Principal provides leadership and management to ensure a continuing quality education for all students enrolled at the Centre, a cohesive collaborative staff and inter-campus continuity. The Principal is primarily located at the Padbury site.

Deputy Principals

The Deputy Principals are responsible for the day to day management of their allocated sites. This also includes managing staff, monitoring student progress and communicating with parents.

Manager Corporate Services

The Centre’s Manager Corporate Services is responsible for all school financial matters as well as human resource system processing.

School Officer

The School Officers are responsible for administration matters, general enquiries and bus/conveyance enquiries.

Library Officer

The Library Officer is responsible for purchasing and maintaining school resources and the operation of school library systems.


The Teacher is responsible for the care, safety and educational progress of students. They develop, modify and teach educational programs, monitor student progress and report to parents.

Speech Pathologists

Speech Pathologists are responsible for monitoring the language programs by collaborating with teachers on language objectives and learning programs. They are also responsible for increasing people’s knowledge about language. This is done via parent and teacher workshops, and teacher consultations.

Education Assistants (EAs)

Education Assistants are responsible to classroom teachers and the deputy principals. They are under the direction and supervision of a teacher, and/or speech pathologist and do not have direct responsibility for the management, teaching or control of students.

Support Officers, Speech and Language

SOSLs work in the Outreach Service and work with public mainstream primary schools. The focus is on capacity building of teachers.

School Psychologist

The School Psychologist is responsible for psychological assessment, student counselling and participation in planning for challenging behaviours and social difficulties.

Network Support Officer (NSO)

Our NSO maintains the school’s information technology network across all of our sites. They also provide technical support to all staff.