From the Deputy Principals – Term 3

Sports day will be here before you know it, and the Year 1 students have been out practising every week. The date for the East Hamersley faction carnival is Thursday 29thof August. The Pre-Primary students also participate in running races. It is a long day so please make sure you pack extra water and sunscreen for your child. I will be out there cheering on our wonderful students.

A reminder to parents that we are a healthy eating school and where possible sandwiches are preferred over snack type foods for lunches. I have seen some of the amazing gourmet type selections some of the children have been given and I am quite envious. We all know that healthy diets lead to healthy minds and bodies.

Your child’s new learning goals will be coming home this week so keep an eye out for these in school bags.

At the end of this term the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary teachers will hold case conferences to discuss your child’s progress. A schedule of interview times will be sent out about 2 weeks prior to the conferences.

Mrs Deborah Silverlock

Deputy Principal – East Hamersley

Term 3 is now well underway and we have an eventful term ahead. Our Pre-primary and Year 1 classes have started their Edu-Dance lessons on Mondays.  The children are enthusiastically participating in the sessions. On Monday 23rd September the classes will be performing their dances for parents in the afternoon. The time will be confirmed.

The Year 1 classes at Padbury will be going on an excursion to the Mount Flora Museum this Friday 9th August. This is to learn about past and present family life as part of the History theme. The museum is housed at the top of Mt Flora in Watermans Bay and records the history of the northern suburbs of Perth. The museum is open to the public on Wednesday afternoons.

Pre-primary and Year 1 students will join in the Padbury Primary School sports carnival on Wednesday 4thSeptember (weather dependent). Pre-primary classes will be participating in the carnival until recess time.  Our Year 1 classes will be participating in the carnival until lunchtime. Classes are busy practicing for the running races and team games leading up to the day. Families are most welcome to come along and spectate. More information will be sent out closer to the date.

Our kindy students are certainly showing that they are becoming good learners at school and have been engaging eagerly in our kindy programs. The current kindy topic is farms. It is wonderful to see the progress the children are making, both in the classroom and playground.

Teachers have been completing the Semester Two Documented Plans for students. These are the goals (oral language, academic, social skills) that your child will work towards over Terms 3 & 4. This list of goals will come home with your child shortly.

 Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus

It is now half way through the year and already Term 3 is flying by! This is a very busy term for the children and teachers with lots happening. Hopefully we won’t get as much sickness as last term, which struck several children and teachers hard. As I go around visiting classes, I love seeing how well the children are working and how much effort they are putting into their learning.

I hope you all had a chance to read your child’s report. If you would like to discuss your child’s progress or have some questions, please make a time to meet with the class teacher. Later on this term there will be case conferences with kindy and pre-primary parents and carers. These usually happen in the last few weeks of school and we will send information out about that closer to the time.

Term 3 is sports carnival time at Quinns and Poseidon. The children are learning some new games and starting to practise with the mainstream children so they are ready to go on the day. There will be more information coming home about the day later in the term, so keep an eye out for that.

If your child has an attendance rate of less than 90% you may be receiving a letter later this week. It will let you know how much time your child has been absent in Semester one. Children do get sick and they need to be kept home if they are, but it is important to remember that children can fall behind in their learning and development if they are absent from school regularly.

Ms Catherine Regan

Deputy Principal – Poseidon and Quinns Beach Campuses