From the Deputies’ Desks

East Hamersley Deputy News

School Drop Off

East Hamersley will continue as usual with the kiss and drop roster. The LDC have Wednesdays as their rostered day to come down to the classrooms. Please remember this is a very busy time for teachers and they may not be able to have a discussion with parents/caregivers at that time. Class Dojo is a good option for contacting either the teacher or myself.


We are continuing to have parents sending their child to school sick. The Health Department has been very clear on their stand about this and have stated sick students are to be kept at home. Please if your child is unwell, keep them home. I have had teachers off sick as they have been exposed to coughs and colds.

Thank you, Cleaners

On Tuesday 16th June school cleaners were recognised for the amazing and tireless work they have done to keep our schools safe over the years, and through the COVID-19 pandemic. The East Hamersley teaching staff arranged a morning tea in their honour and the cleaners were extremely grateful for the acknowledgement. We sincerely thank the cleaners here for their valuable contribution to ensuring our facilities are a healthy and hygienic environment for all. The work of our cleaners is essential, and we could not run the school without them.

Kindergarten Afternoon Tea

The Kindy students will be having an afternoon picnic with their parents on Tuesday the 30th of June form 2pm. Parents will be able to look at their child’s work and have a chat with everyone there. I am looking forward to joining you all.

School Photos

We have our photos on Tuesday the 30th from 9.00 am, can you please make sure your child is at school by 8.45 and dressed in school uniform.

Mrs Deborah Silverlock

Deputy Principal – East Hamersley

Padbury Deputy News


Teachers have been busy finalising student SEN (Special Educational Needs) Reports. Reporting documents will be sent home in the final week of term via Connect. Parents, you will receive your child’s goals with ratings for semester one, as well as teacher comments. Due to disruption to the learning program this semester (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) some goals will not be rated until semester two. Please organise a time to speak with your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding your child’s report and progress. Goals that have not been achieved in semester one will continue for semester two, as well as new goals being set by the teacher for next semester.


Information regarding our Edu-Dance program for term 3 has been sent home. Pre-primary and Year One students are invited to participate in the program. Permission slips and payments are due on Wednesday 1st July. We have had huge success in the past with Edu-Dance and students thoroughly enjoy the dance lessons. The first session is on Monday 27th July.

School Drop-Off

I would like to thank parents and carers for adhering to the guidelines this term around student drop-off and pick-up. Since the ‘drop and go’ protocol has been in place, our students have started the school day in a calm and orderly manner. They have developed a greater level of independence and settled into the school day well. We encourage parents to continue to ‘drop and go’ in the mornings.

School Photos

School photos are next week (week 10). Padbury campus photos are on Tuesday 30th June, with Kindy B on Thursday 2nd July. Families who are wanting to order photos can place an order online or send the envelope into school on photo day (please include exact amount if paying by cash).


The Year One students participated in a Cross Country running event in week 6. We are very proud of their stamina and persistence they displayed on the day. In term 3 students will start practicing for the whole school athletics carnival, and information regarding this event will be sent home next term.

Parent Survey

A parent survey link was sent to parents via SMS. This is to survey parents about their opinions of the school and all parents are encouraged to complete the survey online. The surveys are anonymous and individual respondents cannot be identified. The link will remain open until Friday 26th June. We will publish the results in a future school newsletter.

Thank you Cleaners

On Monday 15th June school cleaners were recognised for the amazing and tireless work they have done to keep our schools safe over the years, and through the COVID-19 pandemic. We sincerely thank the cleaners here for their valuable contribution to ensuring our facilities are a healthy and hygienic environment for all. The work of our cleaners is essential and we could not run the school without them.

Well done to students for working so hard this term. I would like to take this opportunity to wish families a safe and happy break over the school holidays.

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus

Poseidon and Quinns Beach Deputy News

We will continue to have drop off at the gates at the Quinns Beach campus until further notice. Please remember that school finishes at 2:45pm so the children will not be released until then unless there is an early release arrangement. The children are so independent now and happily take themselves to class in the morning. Poseidon is still drop at the door, please remember to stay outside the classroom and keep social distancing.

There are lots of coughs and colds going around at the moment, so please keep your child home if they are sick. If they come to school coughing and sneezing, you will be called to come and collect them.

We had some furry and scaly visitors at Poseidon last week. The children loved hearing all about the Australian animals, many were brave enough to hold the snakes! I hope you heard all about the animals when the children got home.

NAIDOC week is happening up at Quinns Beach campus next week and on Monday the year 1 children will be attending the opening ceremony. Then later in the day all the children will be involved in a variety of activities to celebrate and learn about Aboriginal culture.

Have a fabulous holiday. I hope you all get the chance to stay in your pyjamas all day at least once!

Deputy Principal – Poseidon and Quinns Beach Campuses

Ms Catherine Regan


From the Deputies’ Desks

East Hamersley Deputy News

Thank you for your patience and adhering to the new school drop off policy. A letter has been sent home, please check in clip boards, that highlights the guidelines for continued drop off and pick up at East Hamersley. With the 100 people maximum limit in mind, we are not in a position to permit all parents/carers access to classrooms for pick up and drop off until the Phase 4 Operating Guidelines for WA Public Schools lifts this restriction.

The School Principal, Glen Bewick, has decided to create a roster for parents to drop off and pick up children at the classroom door, if they choose to do so. This roster will ensure that we will not be in breach of the Phase 3 Operating Guidelines for WA Public Schools. The LDC day is Wednesday. (please see letter for clarification)

I have been very impressed by the independence demonstrated by our PP and Yr 1 children over the past term, this has led to a very smooth start to each learning day. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher, please remember to contact our main office on 94073052 to make an appointment or via class DOJO.

Assemblies and incursions are still cancelled until further notice, hopefully Term 3 will bring a return to normal activities.

Kind Regards

Mrs Deborah Silverlock

Deputy Principal – East Hamersley

Padbury Deputy News

Thank you for your patience and adhering to the drop at the gate policies. Great news, parents and carers will be able to ‘drop and go’ in the morning – at the classroom door of the class room from Monday 8th June, and collect from the classroom door in the afternoon. This will be another step forward in helping the students to be independently back at school.

Drop off time is 8:30-8:50, and pick up time is now 2:40-3:00. PPB, PPC and year one classes need to use the outside classroom doors (not wet area) for drop off and pick up. (Notes have been sent home). 

The only time a parent can be onsite for an extended period of time is for a formal case conference. It is preferable that teachers have phone meetings with parents. 

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus

Poseidon and Quinns Beach Deputy News

It is great that things are slowly getting back to some sort of normality and children are back at school. I have been so impressed with how they have all come back so positive and happy.

I live across the road from a park and during lockdown, I saw so many more families out and about, riding bikes, playing football, throwing frisbies. It was fantastic and great to see familes doing so much together. If you found yourself doing more with your children outside, don’t stop doing it! Keep riding your bike with the kids and walking the dog together. Getting kids and ourselves away from screens and getting some free air is so important and so necessary to develop social skills. Playgrounds are open again soon so make sure you head to the local park and have some fun.

Ms Catherine Regan

Deputy Principal – Poseidon and Quinns Beach Campuses

Poseidon and Quinns Beach Campus – Deputy News

Welcome back to term 2 everyone and it is wonderful that most of the children are back at school, learning and reconnecting with friends. Thanks to everyone for following the drop off and pick up process across campuses. I am hoping it won’t be long until we can have parents back on site to touch base with the class teachers and ask questions, but Dojo is a good way to keep in touch until then.

Winter is coming up fast and we have already had a few lost jumpers, please make sure you clearly label your child’s jumper so that if it misplaced it can find its way back to your child. Also, if parents could keep a check on the jumpers coming home as it may be that your child has picked up someone else’s jumper by mistake.

Ms Catherine Regan

Deputy Principal – Poseidon and Quinns Beach Campuses

Padbury Campus – Deputy News

Please Note: The new phone number for the WCLDC Admin Office is 9407 3050, the Student Absences Text Number is still the same 0438 975 891.

Padbury Deputy News

Thank you to families for your understanding and support over the last few weeks with ever-changing plans. At the Padbury Campus we now have 95% of students back and receiving face to face teaching. It is wonderful to see how happy and settled students have been upon returning to school. Staff and students have done an amazing job of adjusting back to school with new routines and procedures in place. Thank you to parents and carers for adhering to the drop off and pick up procedures. This has resulted in a cohesive start to the school day and we are seeing a greater independence in students.

At this stage all previously planned excursions, incursions and assemblies for this term are not going ahead. We will advise you if and when these restrictions are lifted.

Even though school staff cannot yet meet in person with parents, feel free to contact your child’s teacher, speech pathologist or myself if you would like to arrange a phone meeting to discuss any aspect of your child’s schooling.

Mrs Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal- Padbury Campus

Letter for Parents – Padbury Campus

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

As of today, Tuesday 28 April, we have 72 students returning to LDC classes at the Padbury campus, 26 learning at home and a further 10 who have not yet decided or not replied.

School Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

The Premier has advised that parents/carers are not to be on school sites. Below are the protocols for parents/carers when dropping your child off in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon.

Drop off time: 8:30 am – 8:50 am. Please watch your child enter their classroom from the allocated parent area. Kindy students can enter class from the gate. For pre-primary and year ones, a staff member wearing a duty vest will be near the allocated parent area to assist students.

Pick up time: 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm. A staff member will dismiss your child to you in the afternoons. Please wait in your allocated area.

• Ensure you maintain at least a 1.5m distance from other families.

• Please leave the school as soon as your child has entered their classroom in the morning, and as soon as you have collected your child in the afternoon.

Class Drop off/pick up area for parents
Kindy A Mrs Marino Kindy gate near basketball court
Kindy B Mrs Hemadou Kindy gate near basketball court
PPA Miss Nguyen Kindy gate near basketball court
PPB Mrs Rogers Netball court (children enter outside classroom door)
PPC Miss Bennett Netball court (children enter outside classroom door)
Year 1A Mrs Whittington Netball court (children enter outside classroom door)
Year 1B Mrs Vladich Netball court (children enter outside classroom door)
Year 1C Mrs Liebold Netball court at playground edge (children enter outside classroom door)

If you are dropping your child off late (after 8:50am) or picking your child up early (prior to 2:30pm) please phone the office on 9401 5433. Please do not go to your child’s classroom or the office. A staff member will meet you at the allocated parent area. If you need to drop anything to the office (e.g. forms, medication) again phone the office and a staff member will meet you.

Sick Students

If your child is unwell for any reason (e.g. cough, temperature, fatigue, sore throat, nasal congestion, headache, gastro symptoms) please keep your child at home. The same will apply to staff, with unwell staff staying at home. If your child appears unwell at school, we will call you to collect them (in your allocated area).

Safety Measures

Additional safety measures at school include:

• All students hand washing for 20 secs multiple times during the school day.

• Encouraging students not to touch others at all times.

• Additional cleaning, including disinfecting hard surfaces and play equipment throughout the school day.

• No assemblies or excursions.

• Where possible, spacing students apart in the classroom and for eating times.

Class Dojo

Please ensure that you are connected to your child’s Class Dojo. This will be the main means of classroom communication this term. Contact the office if you are unable to connect to Dojo.

We will continue to keep you updated with the latest information. Thank you for your support.

A Copy of the Letter: Letter for parents at Padbury 28-4-20

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Arnatt

Deputy Principal